Picking An Athletic Shoe

One of the advantages of walking is that you do not need a lot of fancy equipment.  The proper shoe, however, can make a difference.  Modern shoes are designed for many different activities but we will focus on the three best choices for an exercise program.  You should consider the type of activity you will be doing in order to pick the one right for you.

WALKING SHOES  The upper of a good walking shoe will be sturdier than a normal shoe, but more flexible than a running shoe.  These shoes typically have heels and toes that are rounded up to reduce impact on heel strike and increase energy during push-off.  The sole area under the heel should be a little thicker than the rest of the shoe.  This elevation will help prevent tendon and arch strain.
RUNNING SHOES  These shoes have stiff uppers and thicker soles to help soften the blow caused by the high impact of the foot on the ground.  Running shoes should also have good traction to prevent slipping.

CROSS-TRAINERS  If you are looking for a shoe that provides lateral support, stability and cushioning, cross-trainers are the ones for you.  These shoes will give you proper support when moving in any direction and have wider outsoles for greater durability.

Wearing comfortable shoes that fit properly can help prevent many foot problems.  We rely on our feet daily.  Wearing proper fitting shoes with good support and cushioning is an important part of foot care throughout your life.


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