Mental Excercise Crucial To Brain Health

The brain is one of the most delicate organs in our body.  It is the center of all of our body systems as well as being the central point of all the vital functions and regulatory actions.  In other words, it can be said that brain is the commander of all the other organs and instructor of living.  That’s why our brain must be fit all the time.  If we don’t keep our brain healthy, a number of ailments and disorders can appear throughout our life.  In spite of its internal natural function, we have to boost it by various exercises and other external activities.

  • Use your non-dominant hand for every day tasks.  According to the Franklin Institute, this activity forces your brain to create new neural pathways.
  • Take a shower, get dressed or eat with your eyes closed.  This forces the brain to grow in order to adapt.
  • Travel to new places. Traveling stimulates the brain, as does social activity and interacting with people.
  • Learn to play an instrument or take a class to learn something new.  Anything that keeps you learning will make you smarter.
  • Learn to dance. Learning new dance moves will make new neural connections in your brain.
  • Smile, laugh and practice positive thinking.
  • Exercise regularly. Physical exercise is an important part of brain fitness.  Meditation and yoga practice also promotes brain fitness.
  • Eat healthy.  Eat fresh.  Include food from every food group in moderation.
  • Get plenty of sleep.  Rest your brain.
  • Play puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, chess, card games, board games and read.  This makes your brain concentrate and enhances memory power.  Any activity that forces you to think will stimulate your brain and increase your I.Q. level. When you get good at one type of puzzle, try a new one.

Most people think your Intelligence Quotient is static; what you are born with is what you keep.  You can improve your I.Q. and make yourself smarter with BRAIN EXERCISES.  The brain makes new neural pathways whenever it is forced to do anything new.  Any new, stimulating activity will force the brain to work better and get smarter.


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