A Sincere Thank You to the Staff of MediLodge of Howell

I am writing on behalf of the family of Dorothy, a resident at MediLodge for the past three years and who passed away in September.  We want to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude and thank the staff who took care of and cared for Dorothy.

Over the past three years, whenever I visited (always at different times and different days depending on my work schedule), I always found Dorothy well cared for physically – the bed and her clothes were always clean and neat.  I could tell that the staff had brushed and combed her hair, tried to get her to eat and did many, many things to contribute to her quality of life.  She was always treated with respect and often with caring and love by Elaine (nurse), Amy, Kelly, Marianna, Beth in activity and especially Emily in Social Work and I’m sure many others.  The staff always had time to speak with me and update me and answer my questions.  My mother (Dorothy’s sister), father and brother reported the same experience.

The staff became extended family to me and certainly to Dorothy.  I am smiling right now remembering “Hollywood” – the sunglasses she loved to wear.  We all tried so hard to get her to go to the “Prom” this past Spring.

I wanted to commend you on the follow through of your staff.  I always appreciated the calls I received to update me on Dorothy’s condition and incidents that may have occurred.  I always received a prompt and timely call back when I called with a question or for information.  Often, in healthcare today, it is the little things that get missed – not so in your organization.  I believe this speaks to your exemplary standards and leadership.  There is no way to express the value of the trust I felt with Dorothy’s care.

My special thanks go to Danielle and Debbie.  I don’t know what I would have done without them.

I will have no hesitation in recommending MediLodge of Howell to any other family who is making this decision.

Blessings to each and all of the staff.  I can only hope that you know the value of what you do every day and how much it is appreciated.

Judy, niece of Dorothy


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