MediLodge of St Clair: Angels in Disguise

Dear Staff,

You have been angels in disguise to both my Dad and me.  Whether my Dad is admitted or goes elsewhere isn’t a matter of importance.  You MADE the difference.  You LOVED unconditionally.  Not one person ignored us.  My father’s needs have always been met.  Attitude for me makes a fine difference of where I want to put my dad.  I want you to know I love each one of you.  You have been Fantastic!  God Bless you on your journeys.  Forever you are in my thoughts and prayers!

With great appreciation,

Herbert and his daughter Dorie



MediLoodge of St. Clair


MediLodge of St. Clair is a locally-owned nursing home that combines comfortable surroundings with around-the-clock medical attention that your loved one requires. From rehabilitation services to dementia care and everything in between, MediLodge of St. Clair provides a warm and lovely environment that encourages residents to be the best they can be.

MediLodge of St. Clair provides an exceptional level of medical attention and individualized treatment. In fact, over 75 percent of our rehabilitation residents return home within 100 days of admission.

Whether you’re looking for Alzheimer’s Disease care or intensive rehabilitation during recovery from an injury or medical event, your loved one will find a home here. Rest assured that we will provide the care they need while respecting your family’s desire for privacy, dignity, and independence.


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