Former Lodger Agrees, MediLodge of Milford Tops in Michigan

Dear Staff,

I was discharged December 26, 2011 from MediLodge of Milford yet haven’t written to express my deepest gratitude to the MediLodge and its staff for the “beyond excellent” care.

Starting with housekeeping, you have the best housekeepers I have ever experienced in any hotel, motel or lodge.  Geri, Jackie and Chris (and Linda, Julie and every other housekeeper) kept my room spotless and extremely pleasant to live in.  The eating areas were beautiful.  I was proud to invite family and friends for a meal.  I happily celebrated Christmas in the formal dining room with my brother and his wife.  They said they had never had such a fine meal, lovely service and gorgeous surroundings.  (The prices were astoundingly low, too.  What a deal!)

I now turn to Chef Jason’s terrific staff.  My food crew:  Dawn, Sam, Myles and Jason delivered hot meals while putting up with numerous demands (always pleasantly).  Great job Chef Jason, for delicious, on-time meals and carefully monitoring health needs.  Additionally, thanks to Chef Jason for the cooking demonstrations and special events.  They were wonderfully enjoyable.

The nursing staff never disappointed me; but instead surprised me with the highest and constantly excellent care, around the clock.  Both nurses and nursing assistants were top quality and sensitive to patient needs.  Your nursing staff gave me so much, once, even my life!  My special, closest nurses:  Jeannie, Dianne and night nurses:  Pam, Anne and Kelly were great!  Please don’t think because I don’t name a nurse or CNA, I have anything but the highest praise for each of them!

I proceed to the wonderful therapy program at MediLodge of Milford.  I can not praise them enough.  All phases of my therapy were, as stated, by the 2011 Detroit Free Press Survey, “TOPS IN MICHIGAN.”  My therapists:  Jenny (Speech), Diana (Physical) and Tina (Occupational) were devoted, greatly skilled and always kind.  Each of them literally saved me from horrible outcomes through their great care.  All of the PTAs and OTAs who worked with me gave the highest level of care and devotion, particularly Patti and Jamie.  Yet every therapist who saw me, even once, was terrific, including Laurie, the therapy manager.  The whole therapy team makes MediLodge the Tops in Michigan.

Before I finish, I extend appreciation to your massage therapist, Dale, your hair stylist, Lisa, your great office assistants, door keepers and activity team.  Dale, Carol and George (and all others, please forgive me for not committing every name to memory) made my days happy because of their special abilities and services.  The entire administration team is completely EXCELLENT!!!

With my sincerest appreciation, I send this letter.  Although many lodgers forget to write a note of appreciation, please know that I heard every lodger I spoke with echo these praises.

Former lodger,


February 4, 2012


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