MediLodge Of Montrose Receives High Praise From Former Rehab And Therapy Lodgers.

“You’ve got some wonderful people.  They make you feel important and take care of all your needs right then.  Two stand out, Kristi and Holly.”     Elizabeth

“It’s very nice.  I loved the private room.”  Michael

“Had a hard time at first with all the rules.  I’m very independent.  I think I grew up a little here.”     Pamela

“It’s a beautiful place.  It’s clean.  It’s a nice area and it’s very comfortable.”  Frances

“It feels like home here.  There’s a lot of extra little care that’s given.”     Veronica

“When I came here, I could hardly talk or walk.  I was in BAD shape.  But I’ve come so far and all because of the therapy.”     Evelyn

“I would highly recommend (MediLodge) to anyone in need.  I was very satisfied and pleased.  My children were as well.”     Bill

“Very good.  I liked it.  I might cry when I leave.  I’ve met some beautiful friends here.”     Lorraine

“It’s very clean.  No odors.  The care is great.”     Charlotte

“The meals were very good!  No problems there.  Breakfast was the best!”     Steve

“Everybody that’s been here to visit is so impressed.  Dr. Walters (Ortho) told me this place was #1 for therapy.”     Peggy

“My Doctor (Dr. Vance) was so impressed with my care and about my wound care.”  Irene

“David is the best!  He went at the perfect pace for me.  I was very confident with him.  I love riding the bike and the stimulation machine did wonders for my knee.  Bernie is great too.”     Carol

“It’s clean, very nice and the people are great.  They put up with me all this time!”     Elwood

“My friends that have visited call this a 5-Star hotel.”     Delores

“The facility is top notch.  Head and shoulders above everybody else.”     Rose

“I’d come back.  It’s very calm and peaceful.  Concierge is a nice service.”     Steve

“I really liked the podiatry services.  It saved me a trip.  Liked the transportation services.”     Odd

“Had a manicure and pedicure.  It was my wife’s idea, and a good one.”     Bernard

“I’ve been to other places for therapy but it wasn’t as good as here.”     Katherine

medilodge of montrose


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