Butterfly Garden Tips from the MediLodge Whole Person Wellness Program

Creating butterfly gardens are a wonderful experience for all ages.  The reward is observing many species of butterflies floating around your garden and the simple beauty they bring to your life.

  • Provide plants that have nectar for the adults.
  • Provide plants that have both horizontal and vertical structure that provides shelter.
  • Provide plants with varied blooming cycles for continued food sources.
  • Provide plants that are colorful as different butterflies are attracted to different colors.
  • Provide different flower shapes. Butterflies have varied lengths on the proboscis so they need varied depths of flowers from which to get the nectar.
  • Provide some shade in your butterfly garden for shelter, for rest and from high heat.
  • Provide groupings of similar plants.  This helps larva to find its next food source when one source is exhausted.
  • Provide plants that grow best in your location.

Provide plants from the list below:

False Nettle


American Beautyberry

Bee Balm

Blue Mistflower


Shrub Verbena




Anise Hyssop



Butterfly Bush



Purple Coneflower

Butterfly Flower


The goal of the MediLodge Whole Person Wellness Program is to recognize the unique individuality of everyone. This approach to wellness is an active process in which everyone is encouraged to make choices towards personal growth in seven dimensions of wellness: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational/vocational and financial. Most workplace wellness programs focus entirely on physical health. With a whole person wellness approach, the physical needs will not be downplayed, but will be held in equal importance as the dimensions that involve mind and spirit. In whole person wellness a high priority is placed on prevention, individual involvement and the responsibility we each have for achieving optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit.




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