Even More Gardening Humor from the MediLodge Whole Person Wellness Program

Why did the tomato turn red?

Because it saw the salad dressing.


Why didn’t anyone laugh at the gardener’s jokes?

Because they were too corny.


What do you get if you cross a four leaf clover with poison ivy?

A rash of good luck.


Why do melons have fancy weddings?

Because they cantaloupe.


Why did the woman plant the potato seeds in a small paper bag?

To keep the dirt out of their eyes.


What vegetable do you need a plumber for?

A leek.


What is small, red and whispers?

A hoarse radish.


What sort of animal is a slug?

A snail with a housing problem.


Why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because she was not peeling well.


Why did the Golden Delicious go to jail?

Because he was a rotten apple.


The goal of the MediLodge Whole Person Wellness Program is to recognize the unique individuality of everyone. This approach to wellness is an active process in which everyone is encouraged to make choices towards personal growth in seven dimensions of wellness: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational/vocational and financial. Most workplace wellness programs focus entirely on physical health. With a whole person wellness approach, the physical needs will not be downplayed, but will be held in equal importance as the dimensions that involve mind and spirit. In whole person wellness a high priority is placed on prevention, individual involvement and the responsibility we each have for achieving optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit.





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