MediLodge of Yale Activities Make A Difference

Dear Mark,

We just couldn’t let time go by without telling you how much you have done to help my mother, Thelma.  She has gone through so many trials in the last few months:  a fractured pelvis, two hospital admissions, giving up her apartment, coming to MediLodge, and several medical problems.  She has come such a long way.  We watched you gently encourage her to attend the activities.  Initially she refused but eventually she began to attend.  She always had an interest in so many areas.  She never stopped learning and always tried to keep her mind sharp.  We have attended some of the activities with her and they have held her interest and stimulated her mind.  She keeps us informed of the topics after each activity.  Thank you for the knowledgeable, age-appropriate way you present your programs and for the effect that they are having on my mother’s improvement.  She has found something to think about besides herself.  I hope you know how much you have helped my mother and others.  You make a difference in lives and we so appreciate your commitment.



May 2012


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