Daughter Grateful for Wonderful Care at MediLodge of Sterling Heights

Dear MediLodge,

I am writing in regards to the care that I was privileged to see my family member get.  I have visited your location in Sterling Heights on more than one occasion.  My mother was living there before her death, and I also had an uncle that was there for rehab therapy.  I, just like most families I’m sure, was reluctant to have my mother in a nursing home.  When I would visit, the thought of her being alone would make me incredibly sad, but when I would get there I was always greeted warmly by staff, and to my surprise, most of the time I had to hunt my mother down as she was staying active.

I felt the “at home” experience on more than one occasion when I would arrive, walk with my mother and get to observe first hand the “open door” policy that Donna (the administrator) had, not only did she know who my mother was, she knew who I was.  It didn’t matter if I was walking or in my mother’s room, or at an activity, I saw Donna often.  I was quite impressed with the idea that we were not just another number on a page, or a face to be accounted for.  My mother had a name, I had a name, and we were more than just a filled bed at MediLodge.  We were family.  I so appreciated the personal attention that we received, even if it was a wave while on a phone, or a smile when talking, when I would have to leave and know in my heart that my mother was there while I was not, I felt as thought I left her with family.

It has been some time since my mother’s passing and to this day, when I drive past MediLodge, I smile.  I am grateful for what was done for my mother, my family and my peace of mind while she was alive and in the care of the wonderful staff at MediLodge of Sterling Heights.  I cannot stress enough, how much it means to a family to know that we are not just numbers to your employees, we are family.

On a personal note, Donna, your spirit overwhelms my heart, and knowing that you oversaw things, not only for my mother, but for the other ladies and gentlemen in your “home,” I will personally always feel welcome at your doorstep.


Linda M.

July 10, 2012


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