Build A Simple Kite: Another Summer Fun Idea From The MediLodge Whole Person Wellness Program

What you need:

1 two-foot long stick

1 three-foot long stick

1 large sheet of newspaper or craft paper




What to do:

Place your two sticks so that they cross. With string, tie the two together where they join. Wrap it around several times so it is secure. Cut a notch into the four ends of the sticks. Wrap a piece of string around the cross making sure to string around each of the four notches. This will be your kite’s frame when you are done.

Place your paper on a flat surface and cut around the shape of the kite. Leave two or three inches of extra space when you cut. Fold the excess paper over the frame and glue it down. Tie a long piece of string to the inner frame and make it as long as you wish.

Have Fun!


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