Kind Words For MediLodge From Former Residents

We at MediLodge understand that customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success.  We focus on people as individuals and subscribe to the holistic mind body spirit approach to wellness.  We also understand there is always room for improvement which is why we ask for our customers to fill out a customer satisfaction survey after their recovery.  The following comments are from some of the surveys we have received over the past few months from MediLodge facilities across the State of Michigan.

“I enjoyed the meals and being able to discuss problems with the staff.  My care was excellent.  My legs are stronger now.  They were weak and I was able to build up my strength.”

Herbert H., MediLodge of Monroe

“Everyone was nice and friendly.  I had great care.  Rose is the best aide in the facility.  Donna was a great aide too.”

Angela P., MediLodge of Port Huron

“The girls are great.  They keep me motivated.  I requested to come back here.  I suggest this place to everyone.”

Marjorie N., MediLodge of St. Clair

“My stay was amazing.  Such a caring staff.  Very compassionate.  MediLodge is a beautiful, serene, hotel-like atmosphere to heal and get well.  Thanks to all of the staff.  I’m on the road to a excellent recovery.”

Bernie T., MediLodge of Milford

“The nurses and care taken helped me both mentally and physically get back on my feet.  They always had a smile.  The food was good.  MediLodge was a good place to be.”

Jacqualine B., MediLodge of Port Huron

“The staff, nurses and help were so nice, patient and caring.  I was provided with everything I needed.  The food was good.  The therapists were and kind and yet demanding for my benefit.  MediLodge has wonderful service.”

Wanda M., MediLodge of Monroe

“Sonia is wonderful.  Thanks for all your help.  The nurses and nurses aides were absolutely wonderful.  James in P.T. was also wonderful.”

Jeanine R., MediLodge of St. Clair

“Very satisfied with my progress and care.  Staff is friendly, caring and always patient.  A wonderful experience.  Thanks for making me stronger.”

Sharon L., MediLodge of Milford

MediLodge is more than just a highly-skilled rehabilitation facility, it is a loving, family-centered community where residents and staff share their lives.  Living, laughing, learning and making friends, whatever your heart desires or your body needs, MediLodge is first and foremost a place to call home.


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