A Home Away From Home

Former Lodgers Of MediLodge of Milford Share Their Thoughts


“Wonderfully pleasant with spotless room care, delicious food, opportunities for personal grooming, a massage therapist always ready to assist and always with an educational explanation.  Lovely, devoted nurses and wonderful door assistance and a terrific front lobby secretary!  Dr. Alpiner and Dr. Chellam are wonderfully concerned and gave me full attention to my needs.”

Susanne Z.








“It’s a nice place.  I would recommend this to everyone.  I have been to other places, this is a lot better!”

Arlene P.

“This was my second visit to MediLodge and I would certainly recommend this to others.  I’m not planning on breaking any more bones to return here, but I think I’ll return to visit.”

Barbara L.








“What a wonderful bunch of dedicated people.  They helped me meet my goals.  They were just fantastic. The food was delicious, especially the apple pie a la mode.  Thank you for everything.”


“Everyone was so helpful, caring and kind and the food was excellent.  It’s hard to imagine that I had so much recovery to do and had such a wonderful time doing it.  Thank you!”

Mary Ann W.








“Thank you for taking such great care of me.”

Betty T.

“The food was excellent.  You made me feel right at home.”









“Every time I have been here it is always a time of transition, I hate to leave.  Everyone is so nice.  I feel like family.”

Antonina S.

“I made some close friendships while I was here.  It was a tearful goodbye.  What a wonderful staff of caring people.”



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