MediLodge of Milford Draws Rave Reviews From Former Lodger

“MediLodge of Milford is a beautiful facility.  22160_300539680179_300512810179_5064373_3884105_nThe property is exceptionally maintained.  The grounds around the facility are beautiful as well as the visiting birds and deer.

Lisa and Ericka were prompt and efficient and made the transition process very smooth.  They were very helpful and knowledgeable.  CNA Shannon was exceptional and always went above and beyond to exceed my expectations.  CNA Darlene was always reliable and dependable.  CNA Courtney was very helpful and responded promptly. 22160_300539710179_300512810179_5064376_7450888_n Dr. Madhaven and Dr. Alpiner were very attentive to my needs.  They are excellent physicians.

Jason Parsons, Therapy Director, did an exceptional job of running the department.  He closely monitored my needs and made sure they were met.  He is very hard working and dedicated.  Candace, Life & Leisure, went above and beyond by making copies, introducing me 22160_300539630179_300512810179_5064365_6600606_nto the chef and listening to suggestions.  Linda did an excellent job of cleaning my room and making sure linens were stocked.  She was pleasant, kind and helpful.  Lisa the hairdresser was wonderful. I so much appreciated that she did my hair two times a week and always did an exceptional job.  She stopped by every day to say hi.  The food was the best I have ever had in a sub-acute facility.  The presentation was 22160_300539775179_300512810179_5064382_951180_ntop notch.  All of the kitchen staff did an exceptional job working together as a team.  They were very prompt and efficient.

You have some exceptional employees that should be recognized for their outstanding service and dedication to MediLodge of Milford.  Dale Kenny!  His services (massage therapy) helped to improve my condition. What an amazing skill he has!  Jenny in PT always had a 22160_300539650179_300512810179_5064368_2707408_npositive attitude and was hard working and committed to serving my needs.  She went above and beyond to contact me personally after work hours to let me know the status of my wheelchair order.  She is so passionate about her work and it shows.  Andy in PT was also hard working and committed.  Bonnie in OT was very educated and passionate about her work as well.  Linda, case manager, was also very hard working and dedicated.  22160_300539750179_300512810179_5064380_6299942_nThe nurses, Diane, Kyra, Gina and Matthew, were great.  The laundry staff, Jackie and her team, were also exceptional.  They washed my clothes on a daily basis and they always delivered them with a smile and folded nicely.  I hope you recognize these employees for their hard work and dedication.  MediLodge of Milford has some exceptional staff that deserve to be recognized.”



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