2013 MediLodge Senior Prom

The MediLodge group, Michigan-based rehabilitation and nursing centers, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all of the residents that they serve. In keeping with this commitment to their residents, and to promote positive public relations, the Life Enhancement Specialist and all the MediLodge Activity Directors host an annual Senior Prom event for their residents, staff, families and community members every May during nursing home week.

Every year the theme of the prom is determined based on the theme of the American Health Care Association’s nursing home week celebration. “Team Care” was the theme for the 2013 nursing home week celebration and the MediLodge Senior Prom committee decided that “Lean on Me” would be an appropriate prom theme this year.

MediLodge Senior Prom

Prom King John D. and Queen Gertrude B.

The 12th Annual Senior Prom was held Friday, May 17, 2013 at the Palazzo Grande Banquet Center in Shelby Township. From Hillman to Monroe, over 400 residents, staff, volunteers, family members and community guests from all of MediLodge’s 15 centers attended the formal afternoon dinner/dance dressed in their finest attire. This year, in keeping with the theme, a slideshow presentation of the past 11 years of Senior prom events was played on the large screens as the residents, staff and guests gathered in the ballroom. The slideshow presentation was created by Katie Markel, Dementia Unit Coordinator from MediLodge of Port Huron. Following the Italian, family style luncheon, the king, John Dzvonik, 91, from MediLodge of Taylor and the queen, Gertrude Beapre, 96, from MediLodge of Howell, were crowned by Tom Elliot, administrator at St. Clair and Jane Lashbrook, a special guest and past activity director from MediLodge of Richmond.

MediLodge Senior Prom

MediLodge residents and staff hit the dance floor.

Former MediLodge employee, Shaton Andrews sang the prom’s theme song, “Lean on Me”, while the king and queen posed for pictures. After the coronation, the dancing began, entertainment was provided by the “Chateau Band”, a Detroit based 7 piece band that played classic rock and roll as well as Motown hits of the 60, and hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and current. The dance floor was packed with young and old alike and they danced all afternoon. The oldest residents in attendance were Dorothy Friend. 98, from MediLodge of Yale, and Ken Berry, 96, MediLodge of Sterling. Every prom participant had an official portrait taken by a professional photographer for a memento of the afternoon and a good time was had by all.

MediLodge won the Health Care Association of Michigan’s Public Relations award in 2008 for this prestigious event. “We are committed to caring for Michigan’s seniors”, stated MediLodge President Frank Wronski, “this is our way of showing our residents, staff and family a memorable time during the nursing home week celebration.”

Visit the MediLodge website for information on any of our fifteen Michigan-based rehabilitation and nursing centers.  You can also see video of this event over at the MediLodge YouTube channel and see more pictures on our Facebook page.


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