Short-Term Therapy Success Stories from MediLodge of Montrose

Montrose Success Jan 2013

Lawrence Q. came to us for rehabilitation after a knee surgery where both his primary doctor and his surgeon, Dr. Willson, recommended us to him.  He had nothing but good things to say about his stay with MediLodge of Montrose.  “This place is great,” Lawrence said.  “You can’t find a better place than this!”  He exclaimed that the food is excellent and the service we offer here is fantastic.  “It’s downright perfect.  I don’t think that you could find a better place.”

Montrose Success Jan 2013 twoHe also complimented the nurses on their care and said that they are great about getting his medications to him on time.  “The nurses and aides are right on top of things. They are always there to help.  They are fantastic!”

Lawrence also enjoyed his time in therapy.  “Dave in therapy knows what he is doing.  He is really good.  Occupational Therapy gets you thinking and your brain working.”  He compliments the professionalism of both our therapy and nursing staff.

When Lawrence returned for follow-up with his primary doctor, he was sent back with a report that stated “Patient is doing awesome!”  MediLodge of Montrose was excited to see that the doctor shared our sentiments about this!  As a closing note, Lawrence told us, “I love this place!  I didn’t know that there was a place like this!”

Another Short-Term Therapy Success Story:  Wendell C.

Wendell C. has a great attitude that is flat out contagious!  He has come to us for therapy twice now and just discharged home again.  When he is with us he gives off positive energy everywhere he goes.  Other lodgers have said that he makes them smile and he picks them up when they are feeling down.  Our therapy team noted that  “He is motivating and energetic when in the therapy room.”  Wendell is an individual who has touched the lives of others and we are honored that he had such great rehab experiences with us!



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