MediLodge of Montrose Color Care Program

Color Care Program

During the month of February part of our Wellness Program will include a highlight of our Color Program.  Our program recognizes that there are four main ‘colors’ or personality types and also that while we all tend to present as one primary color, most often we have traits that are associated with all of the four colors.  Our Color Program sorts people into four basic colors: blue, gold, green, and orange.  Each of these colors have their own special traits.  The most important thing to know about the colors is that they each have traits that are positive and potentially negative, strengths and weaknesses.  By knowing your ‘color’, you can use that awareness to better interact with others.  Here is a basic overview, see if you recognize yourself or someone you know:

color care

Blues: trust their intuition and feelings, looking for meaning, hopeful, authentic, empathic, they are always searching for their real self, relationship-oriented, imaginative, tactful, eternal commitment to love, enthusiastic about ideas or causes, romantic, idealistic, optimist

Greens: want to understand and control the realities of life, knowledge, logic, competency and abilities are very important, expects perfection, loves to learn, exact language and wording, dislikes routine, can be unaware of the feelings or emotions of others, examines ideas, long-range planner, trusts logic and reason, enjoys philosophical and/or intellectual discussions

Oranges: want to be seen as fun-loving, enjoys competition, tend to appear happy with a good sense of humor, enthusiastic, jokes, loves social situations, like to be active and doing things, lives in the moment, excited, optimistic, tests the limits, great in a crisis, cheerful, friendly, needs variety and doesn’t like repetition, finds joy in doing, “what you see is what you get”

Golds: trust details and facts for decision making, want to belong, want to be useful, work ethic, protective of those they care for, wants security and stability, generally serious, home and family are a priority, loyal, driven to complete tasks, can fall into the trap of negativity, doesn’t like change, can be opinionated, direct

During the month of February you may notice these special colors showing up in our dress, know that it means we are showcasing that particular color that week.  We also use the color program to best meet the needs of our lodgers.  Please feel free to ask a Color Ambassador for more information about our Color Program!

February Wellness Also Showcases Positive Affirmation Month.

We will be having activities that allow us to share positive things about each other this month.  Look for the hearts on the wall of the Game Lodge!


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