What’s New in Therapy at MediLodge of Sterling Heights?

Submitted by Kathleen Simenton, Team Program Manager, MediLodge of Sterling Heights

When watching the 2012 Olympics, did you happen to notice quite a few of the athletes were wearing bright colored tape over various parts of their bodies?  What is it?  What does it do?  It’s call Kinesiotape.  Now I know what you’re thinking, kinesio – what?  Well it just so happens that we have our very own Certified Kinesiotaping Practitioner here at MediLodge of Sterling Heights to explain its purpose.

Alyse Palposi, one of our Occupational Therapy Assistants, has pursued this rapidly growing niche in the therapy/nursing world and is currently practicing kinesiotaping applications with our Lodgers during their therapy sessions.  I sat down with Alyse to get a better understanding of Kinesiotaping and how it will help the Lodgers here at MediLodge.

“What does kinesiotaping actually do?” I asked Alyse.  “What doesn’t it do?” laughs Alyse.  “Kinesiotaping is not just for athletes, it can be used with any population.  Kinesiotape manipulates the skin, facia, tendons/ligaments, joints and muscles in our bodies.  It is a stretchable tape that acts like another layer of skin and allows your skin to breathe.  One may wear it up to five days at a time and, yes, you may shower with it on.”

“I could go on and on about everything that could be taped on your body,” Alyse continued.  “I can tape anything from reducing back pain, to any swelling/inflammation, facilitating weak muscles or inhibiting overworked muscles, bone fractures, stabilizing joints, to simple things like a headache and cramps.  Like I said, it’s a very long list and it continues to grow.”St Hts New Therapy

Like any other modality used there are precautions to be taken when applying Kinesiotape.  “First and foremost,  we must always check with the doctor just to make sure it’s safe for the Lodger.  People with congestive heart failure, neuropathy, open wounds and kidney disease are at risk for negative effects from the tape.  It must be cleared with the doctor, then a patch test is done.  A small piece of Kinestiotape is applied to the area to be treated for 30 minutes to see if the skin can tolerate it.  Kinesiotape is 100% cotton, all natural and latex free to avoid allergic reactions.  A lot of people are amazed when they find out that there is no medication in the tape.”

Clarence, a Lodger on therapy services has received kinesiotaping to his arm after suffering a stroke.  He was taped from his wrist to his shoulder to help with joint stability and swelling.  When asked what he thought, he responded, “It is perfect.  I love it.  My arm feels so stable.”

Clarence went on to describe his overall therapy experience while being here at MediLodge.  “I am so happy, you guys really know what you are doing.  My therapist told me if I worked hard and kept pushing, he would have me on a cane in two weeks. It has been two weeks and I am on a cane.  It’s perfect here and you guys are tough.”






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