MediLodge of Sterling Reminds Us That February Is Healthy Heart Month

lady with heart     Valentine’s Day makes February a natural for American Heart Month.  Having a healthy body gives you a healthy heart.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women in the United States.   American Heart Month is a time to raise awareness about heart disease and to educate the public on ways we can live heart-healthier lives.  MediLodge of Sterling has three important tips to keep your body healthy.

1.  Vitamins

What does that mean?  Expensive?  No.  I mean a vitamin that does dissolve in your body so your body benefits the vitamins in it.  I only know of one vitamin that is fructose compounded that benefits our bodies by absorbing 95% of the vitamins, instead of just passing through our bodies.  What is fructose compounding?  Fructose is a natural fruit sugar your cells crave and it is easily absorbed in the bloodstream.  This process is designed to pre-bind a fructose molecule to a mineral so the mineral won’t bind with nutrients in the digestive system.  The fructose compounded mineral are designed to be absorbed more easily into the bloodstream and delivered to your cells and thus to your tissues, organs and the rest of your body.  Thus making you body healthy.

2.  Exercise

You need to keep your body moving. We are suppose to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.  The best way to monitor that is to have a walking monitor that can be clipped to your belt or pants.  Then keep track of how many steps you take and then if they are aerobic.  Which will get you heart pumping.  When you get your heart pumping you are getting your body moving and getting your body in better shape all around.

3.  Food

We need to eat more vegetables and less processed foods.  We need to get back to making dinners instead of using processed foods that are easy and quick.  I fall into that category.  I’m in the process of retraining myself in making better choices for my family.  Life is busy and it’s just easier to use pre-made meals.

Tip: On Sunday make it family cooking day.  Get everyone in the kitchen and make five dinners for the week.  Put in the freezer when cooled.  Then during the week pull out dinner from the freezer and leave in fridge to thaw while at work.  It is something to get used to but it makes Sundays very memorable.

These are simple changes but they could save you or someone you love from something very serious.  It only takes a few good changes and you can have a better healthier life.medilodge heart


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