March is National Noodle Month!

By Chris Burchell
Executive Chef, MediLodge of Monroe

Happy March to all of you out there!

This article comes with the great hope that we will soon be done with winter’s dismal weather!  March happens to host a food holiday that would have to be one of my favorites.  March is National Noodle Month.  I love noodles.  Noodles can be found on every branch of ethnic cuisine.  Noodles have been part of human’s diet for about 6000 years.  The Chinese, Arabs and Italians have all laid claim, but the earliest record appears in a book written between AD 25 and 220 in China.  In 2002, archaeologists found an earthenware bowl containing the world’s oldest known noodles, dated to roughly 4000 years B.C., along the Yellow River in China.  Noodles have a role in so many of the world’s cuisines.  Italian’s are probably the best know cuisine as far as noodles go and most of these noodles are made from wheat flour.  However, the noodle is known in Germany as the spaetzel and Polish people have kluski.  We can see noodle dishes like Chap Chae in Korea, Pad Thai in Thailand, Lo Mein in China and Mac & Cheese in Wisconsin.  Each and every one of these dishes are delicious in their own right and I love them all.  Since we are in the season of lent I will include a recipe for Kluski (pronounced Ha-looshkey), which is a dish commonly eaten by the Poles during lent as it has no meat and is also made of very common products found in most Polish households.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do….it is especially good when it is cold outside.


Yields 9 servings

2 Cups Egg Noodles,
cooked and shocked
2 cups shredded cabbage
1/2 cup onion, julienned
1 Stick Butter
1.5 Tbsp. Salt
3/4 Tbsp. pepper

1. Cook cabbage and onions
together with 1/2 stick of the
butter in a sauté pan until soft.
2. Add noodles and season
with salt and pepper.
3. Add the remaining butter
and stir to ensure butter melts.


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