Recovered … and Returning Home from MediLodge of Montrose

Nelson loved the dedication and care given by the staff at MediLodge of Montrose!

Nelson loved the dedication and care given by the staff at MediLodge of Montrose!

     Nelson P. arrived at MediLodge of Montrose post-surgery and, according to him, he had no idea where he was, what was happening or why he was here. He describes being disoriented and his recollections of that time are hazy. He shares that around day 4 with us, he started to pull out of that state and slowly
began feeling better.
“In therapy, we have done a lot of physical things.” he shared. “I kept thinking to myself that I don’t need to do these things, my body isn’t worn out. But then after therapy, I was whipped. It turned out, to my surprise, that I wasn’t as fit as I thought”.
The therapy team has helped him make great strength gains and did a lot of teaching so that when he returns home he can continue working on his exercises until he feels that he is back in tip-top form. Nelson really enjoyed the dining service at MediLodge. “The food I have had here has been fabulous!”
He noted that the dining service was very prompt and quick to help him. “Someone is always there, always around. They fix any issue very quickly. If I dropped a fork in the dining room, someone was there to pick it up before I even had time to unlock the wheels on my chair.”
He also had a lot to say about the staff at MediLodge of Montrose. “The people that took care of me have been unbelievable. Nothing seems to phase them. There was always the feeling that they were here to serve me and they were happy to do so.”
He said that the employees were quick to take care of any need that he had.  He was surprised to find that there were people here that he knew. He expected that it would take some time to build social bridges but instead with the friendliness of the lodgers and staff, it happened much quicker. He said that both lodgers and staff are very open and warm. While being a lodger with us, Nelson also took on the role of encourager for new lodgers that had been admitted.
Nelson said “I’m not real excited about leaving tomorrow. Tina had the ability to just give and give and give. If only families could or would give to their family members what your staff gives to your lodgers.”
He had one last thought to share with any prospective lodger.  “If you really want to be rehabilitated, you have to come in with an open mind and open heart. Watch the staff and how much they care about you.  The therapy will be meaningful because they care and so you can succeed.”


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