March is National Nutrition Month at MediLodge!

MediLodge is proud to celebrate National Nutrition Month as part of our Whole Person Wellness Program.  Nutrition involves monitoring the food and drink that is necessary for living.  Nutrition is important for living a healthy lifestyle.  By practicing proper nutrition, you can have a healthy body and long life.  MediLodge is happy to share some information that can help you incorporate good nutrition into your life.

  • Eggs are full of protein, a nutrient that keeps you full after you’re done eating, but many people ruin the poached eggsbeneficial qualities by cooking them in butter.  Poaching an egg effectively cooks it without adding unnecessary amounts of fat.  Try eating hard-boiled eggs as a healthy alternative.fruit salad
  • Studies have recommended that a stress-free life will increase the overall health of any person.  Meditating and stretching are methods that can easily be addeed to a daily routine.  This can help reduce the pain associated with muscle tension.  These simple recommendations will improve a person’s overall well-being.cherries
  • If you want to eat a diet that is nutritious, just remember to “eat a rainbow” every day.  That is, eat lots and lots of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables.  go for deep, vibrant colors such as those found in beets, kale, broccoli, carrots, squash, blueberries, cherries, melons and grapes.  Filling up on brightly colored fruits and veggies every day is a good form of “nutrition insurance.”
  • Start your meal out by eating the healthiest options on your plate first.  Focus on the healthiest foods rather than beginning with what you want first, simply because you want it.  That way, you will fill up with the more nutritious foods.  It can also help you lose weight over the long run, depending on what those healthier foods are.
  • A great nutritional tip is to make sure you eat before and after your workout.  It is important to eat before you work out because your body will need plenty of fuel.  It’s also very important to eat within a half hour of lifting weights as it will help your muscles recover.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during your workout also.

fruits and veg

MediLodge would like to remind you that healthy eating includes examining what, and how much, you put into your body.  Good nutrition helps keep people healthy and contributes to a longer lifespan.  By following these tips, you too can practice proper nutrition and live a long healthy life.


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