Arbor Day – The Selflessness of Trees

Arbor Day 1Arbor Day, as it is commonly known today, is of American origin and was first observed in Nebraska on the 10th of April, 1872.  Now it is always observed on the Last Friday in April.  Arbor Day, in different forms and names, is now observed in more than fifty countries.

Arbor in Latin means tree.  The spirit of Arbor Day is to plant trees and care for them so that they can grow big and strong.  It is what we give back to nature.

If we think about our ancestors, we can imagine the dependence on trees in those times.  Trees were widely used for wood, fruits, flowers and the shade the boughs gave.  The earliest humans derived tremendous benefits from the trees.

Trees grow from small seeds.  The seed makes a tree and the tree gives many seeds.  How many trees does a seed contain? Infinite.

We are all obliged to trees.  Trees are necessary for our growth, and they tell us about a selfless life.  After you plant a tree and help it grow, it asks nothing from you for its lifetime.  It only gives.  That is the selflessness of trees and that is how a life must be lived by all of us.  Give more and expect less in return.

Arbor Day 2


The MediLodge Mission

We are a haven for healing, fostering recovery, rejuvenation and revitalization.  We embody the essence of wellness and strive to enlighten and comfort the mind, body and spirit.  We embrace our responsibility with joy and enthusiasm to cherish our community and all whose hearts and lives we touch.  We value integrity and devote ourselves to being honest, reliable and steadfast with a passion to be the best in all we do.





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