MediLodge Provides Physical Therapy To Manage Low Back Pain

back Pain 1Low back pain can be very debilitating, especially within the elderly population.  Classifications of low back pain include acute, meaning that symptoms last less than three months, or chronic, with symptoms lasting longer than three months.  Low back pain can be caused by a number of different factors.  Some of the most common ways of developing low back pain include overuse injuries (due to repetitive lifting, bending, or twisting), arthritis, malignant of spine, fractures and stenosis.  Symptoms may vary depending on the type and severity of injury, but can include pain, muscle spasms, radiating symptoms down into legs, numbness, tingling and/or burning sensations.

A conservative way to treat low back pain is through Physical Therapy.  Treatment will focus on minimizing or eliminating pain, improving overall function, and teaching the person a maintenance program they can perform at home to prevent the re-occurrence of low back pain.  Different types of stretches and strengthening exercises can be done, as well as the use of modalities to help alleviate pain and improve function.  Common stretches that are done include hip flexors, back extensors, hamstrings, quadriceps, and piriformis.  All these stretches can be performed while lying on a mat table or seated in a chair.  A generalized strengthening program should begin, focusing on the core muscles.  Modalities that can be used for pain relief include e-stim (TENS), ultrasound, hot/cold pack and massage.  Which treatment method is used depends on the person, their medical history, and the severity of pain/symptoms.back Pain 2

Low back pain can be prevented by participating in a regular stretching and strengthening program.  Using proper body mechanics will also help prevent injury from occurring.  When lifting you should bend with your knees, not with your back; keep the object close to you; keep your feet shoulder width apart; do not twist, instead take small steps to turn.  Lastly, proper posture will also help to prevent back pain by helping to maintain normal alignment of vertebrae (bones of the spine) and decrease the likelihood of muscle imbalances due to tightness or weakness of muscles.


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