Therapy Just Got Better!

Therapy at MediLodge of Sterling Heights just got better.St Hts New Therapy  We are so excited to be able to add Therapeutic Modalities, through the Accelerated Care Plus system, to our skills and expertise.  We are now using ultrasound, two types of electrical stimulation and diathermy to help our lodgers get the results they are looking for from therapy.  These devices are termed “therapeutic modalities” and are used by therapists to help decrease pain, inflammation and edema as well as increase patient comfort and tolerance to therapy sessions.  They can also help to increase muscle strength faster than treatment that does not include modalities.  By using therapeutic modalities the therapists at MediLodge of Sterling Heights are able to introduce more aggressive therapy interventions earlier in the recovery process.  The therapists decide what is best for each patient and writes a patient-centered treatment plan.

Therapeutic Ultrasound is used by creating high frequency sound waves and delivering them through the skin through vibration.  Ultrasound can create a heating effect to help reduce pain, increase circulation and reduce muscle spasms.  It can also be used in a non-heat setting to help decrease edema and chronic inflammation of joints or tendons.  Ultrasound may be used in conditions such as tendonitis, joint stiffness, arthritis and contractures.

Electrical Stimulation is used by applying electrodes to the patient’s skin over specific muscle groups.  There are multiple frequencies that can be used, each with a different goal.  We have two units that deliver two different frequencies.  The first unit is intended for neuromuscular reeducation.  Simply stated, we can use the electrical stimulation to retrain muscles to do their job.  This has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of stroke patients and disuse muscle atrophy after trauma, injury or surgery.  By supplementing exercise with electrical stimulation, patients that come to us after orthopedic surgery or a stroke will gain strength and function faster.  The second unit is intended to help decrease pain, relieve muscle spasms and increase range of motion.

Lastly we have Shortwave Diathermy.  This treatment modality creates a heating effect that increases circulation in the body’s tissue.  It is largely used to reduce pain and inflammation and decrease joint stiffness.  It is very effective in the treatment of pain and can help decrease the need for oral medications.Medilodge of sterling heights

Here at MediLodge of Sterling Heights we are devoted to provide the best quality rehabilitation available.  We are so happy to be able to offer therapeutic modalities as a supplement to our already superior therapy.  Patients love the modalities as to most people they feel good.  Some patients describe it as “spa-like” treatment during their extensive therapy sessions. Modalities are not for everyone and do have contraindications.  As always our gym is open and our staff is here to answer any questions, so feel free to stop by, say hi and see our new equipment.

Kathleen Simenton

OTR, Therapy Program Manager

MediLodge of Sterling Heights


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