Staying Hydrated in the Summer Heat

Summertime is here and it’s important to stay hydrated during the warmer months.  MediLodge of Milford has set up hydration stations to make it easier for staff, family and lodgers to stay well hydrated.

Hydration FactsImage

  • 75% of the body is made up of water
  • Water carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body
  • Water helps convert food into energy
  • Water regulates body temperature
  • There is a 10% decrease in your mental performance when you feel thirsty
  • If you are dehydrated your are more likely to have trouble concentrating, be more irritable and have more headaches
  • If you are well hydrated, exercise feels more enjoyable
  • You do not feel thirsty until you are 1% dehydrated and your ability to concentrate will already be affected
  • We lose a pint or more of water everyday simply by breathing
  • We normally lose a total of 10 cups of fluid a day in exhaled air, perspiration and other bodily secretions
  • The clearer your urine, the more hydrated your are

Ways To Integrate More Water Into Your LifestyleImage

  • Pour water into an easy to use water bottle and have it with you on your morning commute and/or keep it with you at your desk or workstation
  • Visit the office water cooler and take a water break instead of a coffee break
  • Make drinking water a habit, drinking water at the same times each day will make it much easier
  • Consume more foods that contain water like fruit, vegetables and soup

Stay nutritious and well hydrated,

Jackie Beltramo, RD, MediLodge of Milford

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