Effective Home Cooling and Energy Saving Tips for Hot Summer Days

It may not feel like summer, but it is still August. MediLodge of Milford has some tips to share that can help you save energy during the summer months.

Easy Ways to Conservethermostat

• Close draperies or shades during the day to block the sun especially on windows that face south or west. Open them in the evening to let cool air in.

• Keep cool air in by installing insulation and weather-stripping.

• Turn off lights when not in use. Switch incandescent bulbs to cooler compact fluorescent ones.

• Cook on the grill to keep cooking heat outside. When using the stove, vent cooking heat outside with a range hood.

• Turn the air conditioner thermostat up to at least 80° or higher or use a programmable thermostat. Close doors to unused rooms. Turn air conditioners off when no one is home.

• Use ceiling fans to increase comfort levels at higher thermostat settings. The standard comfort range for light clothing in the summer is between 72 F and 78 F. To extend the comfort range to 82 F, you need a breeze of about 2.5 ft/sec or 1.7 mph. A slow-turning ceiling-mounted paddle fan can easily provide this air flow.

Appliance Useceiling fan

• Use a microwave instead of an oven. Microwaves use less than half the power of a conventional oven and cook food in about one-fourth the time. Ovens also heat up the kitchen, making your cooling system and refrigerator work harder.

• Postpone doing laundry and dish-washing until nighttime to avoid peak-electric use hours. Hang laundry outside to dry.

• Use the air-dry feature on dishwashers.

• Service air conditioners annually and be sure the air conditioner is the right size for the area. Change the filter regularly. Choose an air conditioner with the Energy Star label when buying a new one.

• Use an attic fan to draw hot air out of the attic. Use a whole house fan to draw fresh air in through windows and exhaust it out roof vents. Insulate attic doors as well as attic.


For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.



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