A Dietary Team Made From Scratch

MediLodge of Port Huron

MediLodge of Port Huron Executive Chef Mike DeBruin

The Dietary Department at MediLodge of Port Huron has launched forward with a whole new concept in culinary creations in the skilled nursing industry. Under the guidance of Chef Mike, the Dietary team has whipped up imaginative and delightful delicacies sure to please the pallets of our Lodgers.

Executive Chef Mike DeBruin has almost 18 years of experience in the food industry. He received his degree from the New England Culinary Institute in Burlington Vermont, one of the top 3 culinary schools in the country. He has worked in high end restaurants all around the country, including Hawaii, where he would find himself creating dishes for some of Hollywood’s most notorious stars and prominent people. He also worked with the local culinary schools and helped their students learn the industry and perfect their craft. Now, with a growing family, he has returned to the area to be able to be closer to home. “I wanted to really change up the approach to dining for residents and really bring some excitement and interest back into this area of care”, Chef Mike states, “I do not take credit for what we create here, it is truly a team effort. I am more of a captain on a ship, and we are all together as a team on the same boat. I want to take my knowledge and experiences and help instill the love of cooking great, quality food in my team. I like to encourage them to try new recipes and work together to make them fit the format required in this environment”.

Working in the skilled nursing environment offers many different challenges. On a daily basis, the team is challenged with many types of dietary demands, from diabetic to heart healthy to high fiber requirements. He points out, “Most restaurants change their menus about 4 times a year. Here, we change menus constantly to meet the needs of the Lodgers”. Chef Mike aims to please, but insists on delivering new and exciting choices as well. He wants to be able to introduce flavors and foods that people may not have access to in this environment.

MediLodge of Port Huron

MediLodge of Port Huron Dietary Department

Every day offers a new challenge as well as new opportunities to help make meals more of a dining experience and a form of entertainment, not just sustenance and nutrition. Chef Mike enjoys the art of providing not only a fulfillment of the body, but of the mind visually and tastefully as well. He explains, “Many of today’s baby boomers are very savvy when it comes to cooking and food. Thanks to many popular cooking shows, the whole culinary atmosphere is more transparent and out in the open. People are very aware of what they are eating and they recognize the quality of food more than ever before.”

Lodgers have often commented on how great the food is here. They enjoy the variety and perfectly balanced tastes. “The food is just as good as any restaurant out there”, says Don, one of our therapy graduates. “The food we cook here is made entirely from scratch. We have thrown out the concept of cooking from the freezer or can and into the microwave. I will not budge when it comes to the quality and taste of good food. We won’t lower our standards as we strive to work hard, be flexible and creative while making great dishes.” says Chef Mike. As the team leader, he is an “approachable” mentor and teacher. Encouraging staff to bring recipes and ideas to the team and working on them together to make them do-able and delicious. He loves the energy and passion that the Dietary team shows and is proud to be a part of this amazing team at MediLodge of Port Huron.


For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.

MediLodge of Port Huron

MediLodge of Port Huron


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