Easy Halloween Party Ideas From MediLodge of Montrose

Halloween is celebrated by Americans of all ages.  We dress up in scary, funny or glitzy costumes to attend parties, parades, school events and trick or treating.  Traditional activities on Halloween, the second highest grossing commercial holiday, include haunted houses,  hayrides, bonfires as well as carving jack-o-laterns and decorating your home.

Some ways to step back from the commercial aspect of the holiday can be found on the internet and include many simple do-it-yourself projects and recipes.  Homemade costumes and treats are a good place to start.  Home decorations can also be made at home or school.


MediLodge of Montrose Executive Chef Dustin Marshall has some fun and easy party ideas for families.

  • Dress up your veggie tray by using smaller finger-shaped carrots and cutting our a fingernail shaped red pepper and attaching it to the end with some cream cheese.
  • Create Worm Burgers by using vanilla wafers as the bun, one gummy worm and chocolate frosting to hold it all together.
  • My favorite is Caramel Spiders! Unwrap caramel squares, melt them on the stove and then cut licorice strings into 1½ inch pieces. Place the licorice as legs on a baking sheet and drop a quarter-sized circle of melted caramel on top. Add nuts to make a “bumpy” spider.
  • Give your buffet dishes scary and gross names.  Meatballs in BBQ sauce becomes “Gizzards in Wizard’s Blood.”
  • Pour pre-made snack mix into cups wrapped in gauze to make Mummy Cups with Bones.

Many MediLodge facilities will be offering community trick or treating on Halloween.  Check our Facebook page to find out when and where!


For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.

MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose


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