MediLodge of Hillman Answers Common Questions Regarding Skilled Nursing Facilities

MediLodge of Hillman

MediLodge of Hillman

We understand the process of introducing a loved one to a skilled nursing facility can be difficult. Our experienced, caring staff is here to answer your tough questions and will assist you through the entire process. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q. What personal belongings can we bring to make our loved one feel at home?

A. We encourage your loved one to bring items such as a TV, radio, laptop, pictures of family and friends, chair/recliner, their favorite blanket, or other personal items that will help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Q. When will my loved one be able to come home?

A. Many of our residents leave our facility as soon as they are deemed able by the physician to resume activities of daily life in the community. Our goal is to bet your loved one home as quickly as possible.

Q. Can I take my family member out for special occasions?

A. Overnight leaves are allowed but may be limited or temporarily not allowed, depending on payer source (insurance). Medicare and Medicaid have specific rules that we must follow. Day trips are permitted and encouraged!

Q. What type of licensed staff do you have on duty?

A. We are licensed by the federal government and the State of Michigan and meet all criteria for long term care. This requires a licensed nurse to be present at all times. Each skilled rehabilitation center has a Medical Director as well as access to a staff of physicians. In addition, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, audiologists, and dentists provide care as needed.

Q. Will Medicare pay for my loved one’s rehabilitation stay?

A. Medicare may pay if your loved one has applied for Medicare, has a card and meets criteria. You must have at least a three night hospital stay and qualify for skilled care. Medicare covers up to 100 days of skilled care. The first 20 days are paid 100%; days 21 through 100, requires a co-pay. Secondary insurance may cover a portion of or all of the co-pay.

MediLodge of Hillman has a 100% Patient and Family Satisfaction for the past five years! Schedule a tour today and see why this is the best place for your loved one to Recover, Rejuvenate, Revitalize, and RETURN HOME!!!

Chaley Crawford

MediLodge of Hillman Marketing Director


For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.

MediLodge of Hillman

MediLodge of Hillman


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