Living Life To The Fullest

MediLodge of Sterling

MediLodge of Sterling

With all the recent changes in our medical system, the traditional nursing home environment is rapidly changing. Living life to the fullest is the new way of thinking. Nursing homes are now the place to go to for rehab after an injury or illness as well as traditional long-term care needs. MediLodge of Sterling strives to make a home-like environment where residents can improve function as well as increase their sense of competency and personal happiness.

Therapy plays a big role in helping people to develop a sense of purpose and meeting personal goals. Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy work together to help short-term residents regain the skills they need to return home as well has enhance the lives of the long-term residents. A skilled nursing facility is not always a permanent residence, it is a health care facility that provides continual medical care and therapy. This broad definition means that we service people of all ages, diagnoses and circumstances. The result of care may be short-term or long-term. Either way, our goal remains the same, to optimize a person’s functional level and help them obtain the goals that are most important to them.

MediLodge of Sterling

MediLodge of Sterling

If someone comes in for a short-term stay, the therapists will address activities of daily living and work to increase clothing retrieval, cooking, laundry and household tasks as well as basic self-care. If you have been in the therapy gym, you have noticed that we have an apartment-like setting with a fully equipped kitchen, laundry station, bedroom and bathroom with tub/shower combo to help simulate these tasks for better, safer transitions home. Physical function deficits such as balance, strength and ROM are addressed using our Nu-step, bow flex, electrical stimulation, balance pads and mat exercise for core strengthening. Speech Therapy works in collaboration with OT and PT to help with residents who suffer language deficits or have difficulty with problem solving after illness.

For the long-term residents, our goal is to facilitate a maximum level of independence for them despite their need for twenty four hour care. We work with the nursing staff to train them in optimizing the resident’s independence level. Some residents may only need cuing, others may need therapy to modify their environment in one way or another to optimize safe performance of tasks.

Whatever the resident’s needs may be the therapy staff works hard to help people live their life to the fullest. Our department has over 140 years of combined experience and we work in this setting because we truly love it. Here is what some of our current residents have to say about us:

“I have seen residents who could not walk in, but they walked out! I am going to walk out too. Therapy here is excellent, Five Stars.” – Peggy J.

“Everyone is friendly and helpful…I should say EXTREMELY.” – Pat W.

“Therapy is essential. It is the one thing that got me back on my feet. Therapy gave me back my life. The therapists at Medilodge of Sterling Heights gave me good care.” – Janie P.

“I like the therapists and they do what they can to help me. I want to be able to walk again and not depend on this chair. They will help me meet my goal.” – Jim S.


For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.

MediLodge of Sterling

MediLodge of Sterling


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