Empathy, Respect and Common Courtesy

No matter how old a person is, there is still a pecking order. You remember when you were young, some kids got picked to play kickball and some did not? There were cliques of popular kids, kids that played sports, kids that were in band and even kids that were referred to as “hoods” or “greasers.” Each of these groups had their own agenda and sometimes they weren’t very kind to kids that were unpopular, perceived as different, economically challenged, or just plain not in their group.

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

It seems that the pecking order doesn’t disappear as one grows older. Each of our MediLodge of Sterling Heights Lodgers comes to us with a variety of needs, each one requires some type of care that they are unable to acquire outside the facility. They may not have any family to assist them or they are not economically prepared to live in an alternate setting. It is difficult for so many different people to live under one roof 24/7. What we must do is understand that due to our close proximity to each other, we must get along and learn to be tolerant. It doesn’t mean that we all have to be friends, but it does mean that we need to be respectful and mindful of each others feelings and show plain old common courtesy to one another. Try it, you may be surprised to discover a new friend.


For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

MediLodge of Sterling Heights


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