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March is National Nutrition Month

MediLodge of Howell celebrates National Nutrition Month and encourages you to incorporate healthier food in to your diet. Nutrition involves monitoring the food and drink that is necessary for living. Nutrition is important for living a healthy lifestyle. By practicing proper nutrition, you can have a healthy body and long life. There are some things you should know about nutrition and the information in this article can help you with a few tips to show you just how easy it is to incorporate good nutrition into your life.

We eat vegetables both cooked and raw. Which is better? Raw vegetables have their advocates. But current studies show that most vegetables have higher nutritional value and are more digestible when cooked. Carrots and cabbage are tasty eaten raw, but many vegetables are palatable only when cooked. Steaming is the best method to retain food value.

March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month

Seniors can live longer, stay sharp mentally longer and maintain a high quality of life longer, with good nutrition every day. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables help keep bones stronger, which reduces the risk of fractures. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables can also reduce recuperation times in the event a fracture occurs.

Introduce food to your young children gradually. If they are small, expect them to want to touch and smell the food first. Don’t chide then for doing this, or they may have a negative impression of the food and refuse to eat it. Help them to get a grasp on the color, texture, and smell of the food.

As stated earlier, nutrition includes monitoring the food and drink that is necessary for living. Nutrition keeps people healthy and proper nutrition is essential for a long life. Using the information in this article, you can practice proper nutrition and live a long and healthy life.


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MediLodge of Howell

MediLodge of Howell


Ten Tips for Winter Wellness

Cold WeatherMediLodge of Howell is happy to share these ten tips for winter wellness.

1. Go for a walk even when the weather is really cold – your body has to work overtime to get warm and you may burn up to 50% more calories than you would on the same walk in summer! But remember, go a little slower until you get warm and keep up the hydration.

2. If you find it hard to get motivated to exercise in winter… just think of spring and how much harder it is to get back into shape rather than maintain your fitness throughout the winter.

3. Be aware of tendonitis and stress fracture if you don’t exercise in winter and expect to pick up where you left off after a whole winter with no exercise.

4. Instead of picking up a cup of hot chocolate to keep yourself warm, try a herbal beverage.

5. Gain an interest in indoor sports as opposed to cycling and jogging outdoors. Don’t forget that swimming at an indoor pool is an option for a great cardio workout!

6. The cold air and indoor heaters can dry out your skin. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water each day and use moisturizers throughout winter.

7. Buy some indoor plants to soften up the dry atmosphere caused through heating. Indoor plants give off moisture and oxygen and the col­ors will brighten up a dull day outside.

8. Caught a cold or flu? If the infec­tion is above the neck (nose, throat) you could be OK to complete a low intensity workout. However, if you have symptoms that are worse than an average cold (chest congestion, muscle aches), exercise will only make you worse and delay your recovery. Rest is the best medicine.

9. Wear the right clothes when exercising in winter. Polypropylene is the perfect fabric to wear underneath a tracksuit, which will provide great insulation but minimize moisture loss. Gore-Tex is a fabric used widely for providing protection from the rain and wind.

10. Feel like sitting on the couch with a video and snacking on a cold, wet day? Reach for a protein bar or packet of soy nuts instead of high energy, high fat snacks.

MediLodge of Howell

MediLodge of Howell


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MediLodge of Howell

MediLodge of Howell

National Physical Therapy Month Highlights Benefits of Career in Therapy

MediLodge Physical Therapy

MediLodge Physical Therapy

MediLodge of Howell recognizes October as National Physical Therapy Month. We celebrate and acknowledge our dedicated Physical Therapist as well as promoting and encouraging people to look at Physical Therapy as a career choice.

Becoming a physical therapist can be one of the most rewarding career moves a person can make. If you are the type of person who is interested in science, gets excellent grades and has good rapport with people, this is the ideal career for you.

A physical therapist is involved in designing rehabilitation therapy for patients with physical disabilities. These disabilities may be the result of an accident, operation or even a disease. The field of physiotherapy is vast and there are many areas of specialty where one can concentrate.

Communication skills are very important for a physical therapist. A physical therapist develops a relationship with a patient, more so than a doctor. You will most likely be working with your patient for a period of time and you want to establish trust. You will also be instructing your patient to do things that may seem painful at first and he or she is bound to be frustrated.

A course in human psychology is beneficial for those who plan on becoming a physical therapist. Helping your patient retain a positive attitude can make a big difference in his or her recovery process. Becoming a physical therapist may be challenging, but it is a rewarding career. The opportunities are endless and the greatest opportunity of all is being able to help people recover from a variety of disabling conditions. Although the financial rewards for becoming a physical therapist are substantial, the rewards of seeing a child walk after an accident may remain with you for a lifetime.

MediLodge of Howell would like to thank all of our Physical Therapists for their continued hard work and passion to help heal.


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MediLodge of Howell

MediLodge of Howell

Staff’s Care And Compassion Prompt Therapy Lodger’s Letter

MediLodge of Howell

MediLodge of Howell

My wife and I are so glad that we chose MediLodge of Howell for my rehabilitation stay.  When you stopped by my room at St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital and introduced yourself and informed us about MediLodge it meant a lot to us and when my son and his wife dropped by for a visit, they told us that it was the place to go and they were so right.

I can honestly say that I didn’t meet any member of your fine staff that wasn’t helpful, friendly and happy to help you in any way they could.

There are times in life when the simple words “Thank You” do not express the gratitude one is feeling inside and this is certainly true when it come to saying Thank You to MediLodge.  You have a top notch organization staying on top of our stay from start to finish.  I hesitated mentioning specific names because you always fear that you will omit someone, however, I feel it necessary to express our appreciation to some very fine members of your staff.  Should I not be able to remember all of the names, please know that their acts of kindness and compassion did not go unnoticed or were not very much appreciated.

The nursing staff was excellent – they were caring, personable and always willing to offer their assistance to ensure that you were doing okay and checking to see if you needed anything.  I found Jeannine to be a very delightful and efficient person.  Amy was super and helped make my stay a wonderful experience.  One of the housekeepers – Mary –  always checked in on me and greeted me each morning with a “Good Morning” and a smile.  She was a very pleasant person.  Another Nurse (Matt) was very efficient and right on the ball.

One of the receptionists, Karen, was one of the nicest people I’ve met.  She was caring, helpful and always had a beautiful smile and a great sense of humor.  Two other receptionists that were on duty on Monday, May 20th came to my aid when I was trying to carry my coffee to the lobby area via my wheelchair and just when I thought I was home free, the coffee flipped upside down on the floor.  The receptionist called housekeeping immediately and the other receptionist went to the Java Lounge and got me another cup of coffee.  I was grateful to them both.

During the evening –  I enjoyed a trio of staff members that had upbeat attitudes and were very attentive and helpful.  Lisa, Andrea and Michael were excellent.  I can’t thank them enough for their assistance and compassion.

During the night, Bernice was especially caring.  Some nights I forgot to request a blanket or sheet only to wake up and discover that Bernice had covered me up.  She always greeted me with a smile and if she noticed I was awake in the middle of the night would come in and ask if I needed anything and was doing okay.  She also (as busy as she was) would somehow bring me back a cup of coffee which certainly started my day off well.

All of the nursing staff, the aides, housekeepers, receptionists all did an excellent job and I am very grateful to them all.

MediLodge of Howell

MediLodge of Howell staff encourage Lodgers during the MediLodge Senior Olympics

I was also very happy with  the Physical and Occupational Therapists that helped me every day to gain strength and balance.  What a wonderful group of individuals and professionals.  Going to therapy was an eye opener for me – to witness first hand so many people needing assistance in recovering from a variety of ailments.  I watched as the therapists helped them and I could see the hope in the faces of their patients when they were able to complete a task they were given.  What a gift and special care provided by your staff – it encouraged my heart to see the help and care these special caring people gave to those in need.  God Bless each one of them.

One thing I also appreciated was how the therapist’s lighthearted approach – keeping things positive.

I was blessed to have several therapists that helped me.  First there was Big Tim (who explained all my exercises so I knew why I needed them and how they would help my rehabilitation).  Secondly, my primary Physical Therapist also named Tim.  He worked with me each day and helped me in so many ways to strengthen my good leg and keep both legs flexible.  He helped me learn how to get in and out of my car, and also how to pull myself up from the floor.  I will always be thankful for his able assistance and knowledge.  Finally, my occupational therapist (Sheryl) who helped me work on my upper body strength and balance.  this was an area that I certainly needed therapy and she was patient and knew what I needed.  She even had me do some dishes which I’m glad to report worked our very well and now my wife knows I can do dishes!

Normally, I would apologize for such a lengthy letter, but I just felt I had to express how grateful and appreciative both my wife and I are for your great team and that we are so glad that we chose MediLodge of Howell.  I promised some of the staff members that once I had my Prosthesis I would stop by to visit and be able to walk in.  I am looking forward to that!

Thanks again for all your help, care and compassion

Gary and Flo Denny

May 12, 2013


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MediLodge of Howell Hears Back From Former Rehab and Therapy Lodgers

.MediLodge of Howell is proud to share some wonderful comments we’ve received from recent Lodgers.

“The excellent therapy I received made it possible for me to return home in just nine days! The MediLodge staff is top notch, from housekeeping, dietary, nursing and the therapy employees. I especially liked the delicious meals, giving you lots of choices and variety. I was very impressed at the overall cleanliness of the facility and very happy to have an on-site beauty shop. I enjoyed great conversations with all the people at MediLodge and plan to stay in touch with all my new friends!”          Dorothy T.


“I was here in October of 2011 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else but MediLodge for rehab.  It’s nice to see the same physical therapy and occupational therapy staff as well as the nurses and CNAs.  The meals are very good.”          Troy C.


“It’s such a wonderful place.  I slept so good.  I felt very comfortable and safe here.  I can’t get over how wonderful this place is.  I’m grateful to be here.”          Elton “Al” G.


“MediLodge has become my home away from home. I have Multiple Sclerosis which makes it impossible for me to always remain safely at home. Every time I return I see the same smiling faces, my second family. The entire team from the therapists to the chef work together to customize programs that fit my needs. I am valued, respected and treated with dignity. MediLodge is a beautiful facility that always exceeds my expectations.”          Michelle S.


“It was so loud at the hospital.  It’s not that way here.  Everyone is so nice.  Mo (Rehab) is a great guy.”          Allen H.



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