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MediLodge Staff Touch The Lives Of Our Lodgers Everyday

Dear Caregivers of MediLodge of Yale,

Words cannot describe how much we appreciate everything that each and everyone of you had done for Pat.  Throughout her stay at MediLodge of Yale, her requests were always met, this made her husband, Frank, and family very happy.

During the time Pat was there we understood she could be very demanding. Each of you were aware of this and would take care of her needs. Though some of the times were very difficult not only for Pat but for her family as well. Each of you were so caring and understanding, from the beginning to the end of her stay.

We also want to thank you all for all of the love, care and support you gave to our Father during this time as well.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank each and every one of you for the compassion you all had show to Pat.


The Family of Patricia F.


Dear MediLodge of Sterling Heights

I wanted to thank everyone that took care of me. I felt I was surrounded by friends – the pleasantness, the caring.  Busy or not, their job or not, my needs were taken care of. I felt I was indeed important to them, not just a job. So I hope you realize whatever your job here, you are pretty special, little things do mean a lot.

You are all great

Thanks Again,

Linda Lou D.

Room 127


To: MediLodge of Monroe Staff

We’d like to say thank you for your kindness and the patience you show. You treat the residents like extended family and that gives us peace of mind when your loved ones are away from home. We know it’s not a an easy job, but we know it takes someone special to do it.

Thanks Again,

The Family of Odessa S.


To MediLodge of Milford  Staff

I enjoyed the pleasant surroundings and food.  Excellent service was provided – I was very pleased with the friendly, courteous service.  My stay was rejuvenating.  All the nursing staff was competent and professional. The Rehab/Therapy services were very helpful.

Noteworthy were Kami (Physical Therapy), Dale, Jeni (RN), Barb (RN),  Vicki (RN) and Jean (Hospitality).

Michael R.


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March is National Noodle Month!

By Chris Burchell
Executive Chef, MediLodge of Monroe

Happy March to all of you out there!

This article comes with the great hope that we will soon be done with winter’s dismal weather!  March happens to host a food holiday that would have to be one of my favorites.  March is National Noodle Month.  I love noodles.  Noodles can be found on every branch of ethnic cuisine.  Noodles have been part of human’s diet for about 6000 years.  The Chinese, Arabs and Italians have all laid claim, but the earliest record appears in a book written between AD 25 and 220 in China.  In 2002, archaeologists found an earthenware bowl containing the world’s oldest known noodles, dated to roughly 4000 years B.C., along the Yellow River in China.  Noodles have a role in so many of the world’s cuisines.  Italian’s are probably the best know cuisine as far as noodles go and most of these noodles are made from wheat flour.  However, the noodle is known in Germany as the spaetzel and Polish people have kluski.  We can see noodle dishes like Chap Chae in Korea, Pad Thai in Thailand, Lo Mein in China and Mac & Cheese in Wisconsin.  Each and every one of these dishes are delicious in their own right and I love them all.  Since we are in the season of lent I will include a recipe for Kluski (pronounced Ha-looshkey), which is a dish commonly eaten by the Poles during lent as it has no meat and is also made of very common products found in most Polish households.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do….it is especially good when it is cold outside.


Yields 9 servings

2 Cups Egg Noodles,
cooked and shocked
2 cups shredded cabbage
1/2 cup onion, julienned
1 Stick Butter
1.5 Tbsp. Salt
3/4 Tbsp. pepper

1. Cook cabbage and onions
together with 1/2 stick of the
butter in a sauté pan until soft.
2. Add noodles and season
with salt and pepper.
3. Add the remaining butter
and stir to ensure butter melts.

Kind Words For MediLodge From Former Residents

We at MediLodge understand that customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success.  We focus on people as individuals and subscribe to the holistic mind body spirit approach to wellness.  We also understand there is always room for improvement which is why we ask for our customers to fill out a customer satisfaction survey after their recovery.  The following comments are from some of the surveys we have received over the past few months from MediLodge facilities across the State of Michigan.

“I enjoyed the meals and being able to discuss problems with the staff.  My care was excellent.  My legs are stronger now.  They were weak and I was able to build up my strength.”

Herbert H., MediLodge of Monroe

“Everyone was nice and friendly.  I had great care.  Rose is the best aide in the facility.  Donna was a great aide too.”

Angela P., MediLodge of Port Huron

“The girls are great.  They keep me motivated.  I requested to come back here.  I suggest this place to everyone.”

Marjorie N., MediLodge of St. Clair

“My stay was amazing.  Such a caring staff.  Very compassionate.  MediLodge is a beautiful, serene, hotel-like atmosphere to heal and get well.  Thanks to all of the staff.  I’m on the road to a excellent recovery.”

Bernie T., MediLodge of Milford

“The nurses and care taken helped me both mentally and physically get back on my feet.  They always had a smile.  The food was good.  MediLodge was a good place to be.”

Jacqualine B., MediLodge of Port Huron

“The staff, nurses and help were so nice, patient and caring.  I was provided with everything I needed.  The food was good.  The therapists were and kind and yet demanding for my benefit.  MediLodge has wonderful service.”

Wanda M., MediLodge of Monroe

“Sonia is wonderful.  Thanks for all your help.  The nurses and nurses aides were absolutely wonderful.  James in P.T. was also wonderful.”

Jeanine R., MediLodge of St. Clair

“Very satisfied with my progress and care.  Staff is friendly, caring and always patient.  A wonderful experience.  Thanks for making me stronger.”

Sharon L., MediLodge of Milford

MediLodge is more than just a highly-skilled rehabilitation facility, it is a loving, family-centered community where residents and staff share their lives.  Living, laughing, learning and making friends, whatever your heart desires or your body needs, MediLodge is first and foremost a place to call home.

Caring Staff Makes A Difference For Former Therapy Resident Of MediLodge Of Monroe

Before heading home after a successful Therapy stay at MediLodge of Monore, a recent lodger shared her thankful thoughts regarding her rehabilitation.

“I appreciate the kindness shown by everyone in every department.  When I first came I was down in the dumps.  They would listen to me and it helped with the physical and emotional healing.  I felt better after each day.  Housekeeping was great, they even gave me a floral heart wall hanging.

If I ever need therapy again I am coming here. I thought all facilities were the same from my hip replacements, but now I see, feel and taste the difference.

The church services were excellent. Even the cook was wonderful, pleasant and kind, for the few minutes he spent with me, it meant a lot.  I will recommend MediLodge to anyone who asks.  Thank You Everyone!  I have worked in the hospital and Skilled Nursing Facilities and the staff is so caring, you can feel the difference.”     Jeanette K.     February, 2012

People choose MediLodge of Monroe because we provide quality care administered by loving people who excel at what they do. People stay here because they feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident that their rehabilitation and care are our top priorities.

Heartfelt Thanks From The Family of Former MediLodge of Monroe Resident


Dear Nancy, Debbie, Lynn and Staff,

Words cannot express our appreciation for the help and caring compassion your showed us during our Dad’s stay at MediLodge of Monroe.

It was a difficult time for us as a family and especially our Dad, but it seems that in the worst times, one of you was always there with encouragement and support.  I did not feel so alone in the trying to figure out the next step and will be forever grateful for your assistance.

Our Dad lived a full life until his illness became more than he could overcome.  We will miss him terribly but in his own words he is now “sheltered in the arms of God.”

Thank you again and we wish you a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Shirley and the Family of Lawrence


“If You Ever Need Spokespeople, Please Let Us Know!”

The following letter was received in June of 2010 from the family of a former lodger of MediLodge of Monroe.

Dear (Director of Nursing, MediLodge of Monroe),

My ninety one year old mother spent seven weeks in MediLodge of Monroe beginning in early 2010.   She was admitted into your rehabilitation program after suffering a heart attack, stent placement and IBS.  She was very, very weak and depressed.

This letter is to update you and the MediLodge staff about her condition since her residence there.

Mother is stronger now and feels better than she has in years.  As a result of her excellent care (nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social interaction and encouragement) she is healthy and happy.  The dietary staff is doing a great job, too.  The meals are very tasty and well-served.

Special thanks to the teams mentioned above, plus maintenance and housekeeping for their hard work and kindness.  Your facility is well-maintained and very, very clean.

She is getting ready to move to her summer home thanks to all of you!  She won’t be water-skiing, but she will take care of her flowers, do a little raking, and watch the swans on the lake.

Her entire family wishes to thank all of you for your care, concern, and professional skills in caring for Mother and returning her to health.

Mother remembers all of you fondly and remembers her special time spent with each of you at “The Lodge.”  What I remember is that everyone on the staff was so pleasant and nice.

If you ever need spokespeople, please let us know!

Our Best,

Dianne and family

MediLodge of Monroe

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