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Finding Your Balance

MediLodge of Rochester Hills TherapyFrom the MediLodge of Rochester Hills Therapy Department

Have you ever felt dizzy, lightheaded, or as if the room is spinning around you? These can be very troublesome sensations. If the feeling happens often, it could be a sign of a balance problem. Balance problems are among the most common reasons that older adults seek help from a doctor. Having good balance means being able to control and maintain your body’s position, whether you are moving are remaining still. An intact sense of balance helps you walk without staggering, get up from a chair without falling, climb stairs without tripping, bend over without falling, to name just a few important examples. Good balance is important to help you get around, stay independent, and carry out daily activities.

People are more likely to have problems with balance as they get older. But age is not the only reason these problems occur; there are other causes, too. In some cases, you can help reduce your risk for certain balance problems.

Some balance disorders are caused by problems in the inner ear. The part of the inner ear that is responsible for balance is the labyrinth. When the labyrinth becomes infected or swollen, this condition is called labyrinthitis. It is typically accompanied by vertigo and imbalance. (Vertigo is the feeling that you or the things around you are spinning.) Upper respiratory infections and other viral infections (and less commonly, bacterial infections), can lead to labyrinthitis.

Diseases of the circulatory system, such as stroke, can cause dizziness and other balance problems. Smoking and diabetes can increase the risk of stroke. Low blood pressure can also cause dizziness.

MediLodge Physical TherapyBalance problems can also result from taking certain medications. For example, some medications, such as those that help lower blood pressure, can make a person feel dizzy. Ototoxic drugs are medicines that damage the inner ear. Sometimes the damage lasts only as long as you take the drug; other times it is permanent. Some antibiotics are ototoxic. If your medicine is ototoxic, you may feel off balance. Check with your doctor if you notice a problem while taking a medication.

Your diet and lifestyle can help you manage certain balance-related problems. For example, Meniere’s disease, which causes vertigo and other balance and hearing problems, is linked to a change in the volume of fluid in the inner ear. By eating low-sodium or salt-free foods, you can make Meniere’s disease symptoms less severe. Balance problems due to high blood pressure can be managed by eating less salt, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising.

The ear infection called otitis media is common in children, but adults can get it too. You can help prevent otitis media by washing your hands frequently. Also, talk to your doctor about getting a yearly flu shot to stave off flu-related ear infections. If you still get an ear infection, see a doctor immediately before it becomes more serious.


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MediLodge of Rochester Hills

MediLodge of Rochester Hills


Rehab Graduates Appreciate Service at MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose

Mabel W. came to MediLodge of Montrose to Recover, Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Return Home after a hospitalization at Genesys Health Park. She said that her family doctor recommended us because she was going to need more intense exercise and rehab than what she had been doing at home. Mabel had been to rehab centers that were closer to her home in Flint prior to coming to heal with us, but she decided to try something new. This was because she had heard so many good things about MediLodge and her doctor strongly recommended that she come here. He said that MediLodge was the closest thing to a 4 star hotel in the area! Here is what Mabel shared with us: “Just coming in to MediLodge, it doesn’t feel like you are coming into a hospital or a care unit or a ‘nursing home’. Everyone is upbeat and they go out of their way to make everyone comfortable and everything convenient for the lodger. They anticipate what you will need. When you get a bunch of people together, you can’t please everybody….but you seem to do it here. I don’t know how you do it! I think even my family feels differently about me being out here. After seeing MediLodge and how wonderful it is, they didn’t have anything to worry about. I absolutely feel stronger going out than when I came in. The therapy team pushes you to work hard. You see improvement and results after just a few days. We need more places like this!”

Here’s what some of our other former lodgers had to say about MediLodge of Montrose.

Thomas H. said that we were highly recommended by his doctor. He said that the food was out of this world. The doctors, nurses and therapy were outstanding. He would definitely recommend us.

MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose

Sonja Z. and George Z. had a neighbor recommend us. They said that the food was amazing and they really enjoyed the music and the Independence Day activities. They also said that the therapy was excellent and they loved all the therapists.

Sonja and George were “absolutely pleasantly surprised” and enjoyed their time at MediLodge of Montrose.

Shondell G. said that her son, who works at Genesys, recommended us. She said that she got great care. You could tell that the staff really cared. She was not anxious to leave therapy. She felt that the exercise made a big difference. She also said that she met a lot of interesting people and that the staff is all very friendly. Shondell also said that she loved the outdoor courtyards and her stay has been wonderful. She would highly recommend MediLodge to others.


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MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose Gets Glowing Reviews From Former Lodgers

What Did Our Lodgers Think?

Maryann S. said “This place is a God-send.  My doctor was right, he said that I would get the best therapy and that I would get good care.  The staff  are excellent! Alicia and Crystal are a perfect team!  Shannon is a great nurse also, she makes sure things are done right!  Laurie is good and Tina is irreplaceable.  She’s very informative.  You have the most wonderful therapists as for their personality, compassion, patience and their knowledge.  The food is excellent, nothing at all like hospital food.  Two of my friends have taken to calling this the 4-star lodge.  I did several activities, euchre, BINGO, bowling, some music programs and religious services.  Dr. Srivastava, my surgeon, recommended MediLodge of Montrose.”Montrose Therapy Success 2012

Yvette L. said “MediLodge of Milford is the whole package of the care and the attention.  Everyone from the aides to activities to therapy, they all seem to sincerely care.  Everyone is very good and attentive.  It didn’t matter what I needed or what I wanted, they made it happen.  I’ve come a long way with therapy in a short amount of time.  I liked how therapy had all different things to do.  The activities were excellent!  I played every single day!  I will recommend this place to everybody!”

Carmen L. said “When I came here I could hardly do anything.  I can’t believe how far I’ve come.  This place has been a God-send for me.  The nurses were good, they would come find me to get me my medicine.  The aides were very helpful in the beginning when I needed it.  The therapists are great!  My speech therapist is marvelous, she’s been so helpful and encouraging.  I wish I could take her home with me.  The food was good, they fed me well.  There were a lot of choices.  When I pass by people in the hall, they all say hello.  They are so friendly. I would come back…I would beg if I had to!”

Margaret T. said “My friends came to visit and they are amazed because of the atmosphere and the way the people are treated.  It is a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere.  The nurses are very conscientious.  There are exceptional aides here.  They’re very caring.  There was good food with lots of options for each meal.  There was good service in the dining room also.  The physicians were excellent!  They always tried to help me, they let me talk and if I had questions they followed up thoroughly, they were very friendly.  Dr. Arcidi and one of my friends recommended MediLodge.  I will be coming back after I have my hip surgery!”IMG_5418

Helen D. said “Everyone is friendly and the food is good.  In the dining room there was too much food and it was too good!  The service was good also.  I went to BINGO, karaoke, music and they were all nice.  I enjoyed the manicures! Dr. Martin recommended MediLodge and I had been here before for rehab.”

Connie W. said “They are very nice here.  If you have questions, they answer them.  The overall care was really good, they did everything for me.  I’m glad I had the therapy, I really liked it.  They had tremendously good food, good service and really nice people.  I went to BINGO, Yahtzee and some other things.  They were fun!”

Shirley L. said “You guys are amazing!  You were very helpful, it is a wonderful atmosphere.  Everyone was so helpful and always there when you need them.  The nurses are wonderful!  I was very pleased with my therapy progress.  Excellent food, wonderful dining service.”

George L. said “MediLodge is a friendly place; it’s clean and close to home.  You’re never in want of anything!  If you need it, they will get it.  The nurses are good, the staff are all very nice people.  I couldn’t go home after surgery.  This was the best thing for me.  The doctor helped me with any concerns that I had, which was important.”Montrose Success Jan 2013

Margaret R. said “I got good care, I liked it very much.  I have no complaints at all.  The nurses are great.  There is a good variety in the dining room and I had good service too.  I bowled with activities and won 3 games!  I liked the music too.”

Joann K. said “I loved it here!  Everybody was wonderful!  It’s a nice place to be.  The nurses were good, good aides too.  I was treated very well.  The therapy was helpful.  The food was good too.”

Oswald M. said “There is not a better place around.”

Margery M. said “Overall a 99.9% rating.  I’ve been taken care of well.  I’ve made some good friends here, staff too.  The staff is kind and compassionate.  I give the therapy department an A+, they worked me hard to get me where I am now.  The dining was pretty good.  The food was nutritious and the menu had good variety.  Dr. Martin referred me to MediLodge of Montrose and I would recommend you to others.  I wish that I had known about you before.”


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MediLodge of Sterling Welcomes New Medical Director

MediLodge of Sterling welcomed a new Medical Director to our facility on January 1, 2013.  I would like to introduce Dr. Ahmed and his two associates.Sterling dr ahmed

Dr. Tazeen Ahmed has been practicing in our area and surrounding communities since 1997.  He founded Great Lakes Medical Center.  He has offices in Standish and Bay City.  Prior to having his own practice he practiced at the Saginaw veterans Hospital for approximately eight years and in Bay City for 3 years.  He currently has privileges at McLaren Bay Region.  He feels that he has a special connection to his geriatric patients.  Dr. Ahmed has been a great addition to our medical team.

Kristin Lance has been collaborating with Dr. Ahmed since 2007.  Her medical career includes first being a Registered Nurse and then becoming a certified Nurse Practitioner.  She has extensive experience in intensive/coronary care units, oncology and now family practice.  She is excited to continue to care for people of the Standish and surrounding areas.  When you see her in our facility you always see her smiling.  She has been a real asset to our team.

Matthew is also a certified nurse practitioner specializing in family practice.  He attended SVSU where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Matthew practiced as a Registered Nurse in the United States Air Force.  As a veteran, Matthew practiced in the intensive care unit prior to returning to SVSU for his Master’s degree in Nursing.  Matthew provides a high quality, family centered holistic approach to treating his patients.  We are happy that he brings this approach to our residents in our facility.

We are so excited and pleased to have Dr. Ahmed, Kristin and Matthew join our team.  Together we are striving to provide the best care for our residents.

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