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Successful Therapy Testimonials From MediLodge

MediLodge of Monroe Short-Term Therapy Success Stories

“I loved my aid Kourtney, she took such great care of me, I am going to miss her! All of the staff at MediLodge were great.  The food was great and my therapy was good. I would recommend MediLodge to anyone looking for a rehabilitation facility.”     Frankie C.

“MediLodge is great as always! The food was great, I probably gained some weight (that’s how good it is). My therapy was great and it always is. I keep coming back because they are so great here. Thank you!!” Joan L.

“MediLodge is the best place to go for therapy. They treat you like family! If I ever get sick again, I will be going back because they treated me with dignity and respect. Therapy must never have a bad day down there because the ladies are always smiling. The food is GREAT and tastes just like home cooking. I like the night owl option!’     Ken M.

“I believe if I had a choice or reason again, I would be back. MediLodge was and is a great rehabilitation facility. Thank you to everyone.”     Sharon B.

MediLodge of Monroe

MediLodge of Monroe

MediLodge of Montrose Shares Similar Success Stories

• Lois E. said:  “I chose MediLodge because I heard that it was one of the best places in Michigan to rehab. The doctors were always there when you needed them; they were really on top of everything. They also kept me informed about what was going on. The therapy was very thorough, you really got a workout!! The cleaning ladies were exceptional. Kathy was always busy. She is helpful, friendly and just awesome. The food was very good and the dining room is beautiful. Keep the chef! The overall care was excellent. I had no problems at all with the staff, when I pushed my call light they were right there to help. It was much better than the hospital. MediLodge was just overall a great place, it was more than we expected!!”
• Nancy R. said:  “My friends told me about MediLodge. The dining was great, everything was very clean. I enjoyed BINGO. The therapy was better than excellent; they went out of their way! I would absolutely recommend MediLodge to others.”
• Kathleen L. said:  “MediLodge is a wonderful place and it is near my home. The massages were over the top! Double excellent! I loved the oils that she used. The physicians are very accommodating and took care of my pain. The therapy department is awesome. I was very pleased with the social services and discharge planning. I would recommend MediLodge to anyone in a heartbeat!”
• Vincent G. said:  “Dr. Schreiber highly recommended MediLodge of Montrose! The dining experience was superior! I never had a bad meal the entire time that I was here. The wellness center was very clean. The therapy was excellent! Ryan (my therapist) was really good. It paid off! If I needed somewhere for more rehab, I would definitely come here!”
• Kathleen R. said:  “I chose MediLodge based on lots of recommendations from all over. This was my #1 choice. The dining was beyond excellent. It’s not only good food, it is a pleasant dining experience. I loved every bit of the hair, nails, and massages that I received. The cleanliness of the center was top notch. The physicians were excellent; I was impressed that they are reliable and very knowledgeable. The staff overall was friendly and well organized. The therapy was a real treat and very helpful for me. Everything was wonderful! I would definitely recommend rehabbing here!”

MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose


For more information on The MediLodge Group, visit our website, find us on Facebook or tune in to our YouTube Channel.

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A Christmas Miracle at MediLodge of Sterling Heights

On October 3, 2013, Joseph P. was admitted to MediLodge of Sterling Heights. He came to us after a medically complicated hospital stay and changed our lives forever. Joseph was a 72 year old patient that was diagnosed earlier in the year with duodenal adenocarcinoma. This is a cancer affecting the beginning section of the small intestines and is rare in comparison to other cancers of the intestinal tracts. Treatment of this type of cancer can vary and resection is difficult because of the many blood vessels that are present that supply the lower body. Despite the odds Joseph underwent a Whipple surgery on August 16, 2013. This surgery includes removing a portion of the Pancreas and Gall Bladder and rerouting how digestive enzymes are placed in to our digestive tract for optimal nutrition. His surgery was complicated by post-operative cardiac issues, which he overcame. He began his journey to recovery shortly after the surgery, only to end up back in the hospital on September 3, 2013 where he had cardiac issues and required intubation. He remained intubated until September 15, 2013 and remained in ICU until he was admitted to Medilodge of Sterling Heights on October 3, 2013 after obtaining a stable status. Due to his fragile status, Joseph was admitted to our critical care room. The critical care room is staffed with a registered nurse and is fully equipped with state of the art monitors that allow us to thoroughly assess a patient’s status, timely in order to prevent hospitalizations. He was oxygen dependent and was not able to take anything by mouth. Despite his very debilitated status and extreme muscle atrophy, he and his family decided they wanted to push on and do therapy. He had a fire inside of him and when others may have given up, he pressed on and started his fight for the return of his independence and so therapy began.

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

Former MediLodge of Sterling Heights Lodger Joseph P. and family.

Joseph had his first day of therapy the day after he was admitted to us. The evaluating therapists went to the critical care room to evaluate him. He was lying in bed with his oxygen on and had just broken a fever, so he was in a cold sweat. The therapists looked at his family members and had a discussion about whether therapy would be appropriate. Their goal was for him to walk and resume the active life he had before, so we began therapy. That first day he mumbled answers to our questions. He sat up at the edge of the bed with maximum assistance from two therapists and could barely lift his arms and legs. The therapists collaborated with the physician, as well as nursing and the family and wrote up a plan of care. At that point in time, Joe’s goals were very simple, they were for him to be able to sit at the edge of the bed and perform basic grooming tasks. Before he could start to walk he would have to gain enough strength to tolerate sitting up in a wheelchair. To most, this might seem like an easy task, but after over a month in the hospital Joseph had a lot of trunk strength and endurance to regain. Speech Therapy and the dietician worked together to develop a treatment plan that would allow him to start taking trials of food, but to ensure he maintained a healthy weight. Joseph also presented with some confusion, which speech therapy wrote goals to help improve his memory and level of communication for a safe return home. That first week of therapy was very trying on him. He could not stand up so a mechanical lift was used to put him in to a cardiac chair for therapy. Due to his compromised respiratory status and fragile cardiac status his nurse accompanied him to therapy to monitor him for activity tolerance.

Joseph participated in nine weeks of therapy. During those nine weeks he gave 100% every day. He progressed from sitting in a cardiac chair, to sitting in a wheelchair and propelling it. By week four he was standing and performing transfers with maximum assistance from one person and by discharge he was able to walk with a walker over 100 feet with a walker and manipulate 2 stairs. He began talking with a strong voice and eating two meals a day by the end of the second week and by discharge was eating a regular diet and regular liquids with good cognition. He progressed from being completely dependent for all basic self needs to being able to dress, bath and groom himself. In nine short weeks he made a fairly complete recovery. On December 6, 2014 all those that cared for him bid him farewell as he got in to his car and left with his family to return to his home up north. When asked about his therapy at Medilodge of Sterling Heights Joseph responded “It was great! Without them, I would not be where I am today.” We are all very humbled by his gratitude for the level of nursing care as well as the skills of the therapy department. We can guide our patients in their recovery and we are skilled in knowing which muscles to strengthen and how to strengthen them for optimal usage and nursing can monitor cardiac output, fluid levels and respiratory rates, but without the patient’s will and determination this level of recovery is not always achieved. We are all grateful to have been given the opportunity to care for a man who overcame the odds and got his life back. His family played a vital role as they were here every day cheering him on. The team at Medilodge of Sterling Heights wishes Joseph the best of luck and many years of good health. It was a pleasure to work with you and watch you come so far in such a short period of time. You are an attestation that with skilled nursing care, skilled therapy, strong family support and a pure drive for life anything is possible.


For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

MediLodge of Hillman Answers Common Questions Regarding Skilled Nursing Facilities

MediLodge of Hillman

MediLodge of Hillman

We understand the process of introducing a loved one to a skilled nursing facility can be difficult. Our experienced, caring staff is here to answer your tough questions and will assist you through the entire process. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q. What personal belongings can we bring to make our loved one feel at home?

A. We encourage your loved one to bring items such as a TV, radio, laptop, pictures of family and friends, chair/recliner, their favorite blanket, or other personal items that will help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Q. When will my loved one be able to come home?

A. Many of our residents leave our facility as soon as they are deemed able by the physician to resume activities of daily life in the community. Our goal is to bet your loved one home as quickly as possible.

Q. Can I take my family member out for special occasions?

A. Overnight leaves are allowed but may be limited or temporarily not allowed, depending on payer source (insurance). Medicare and Medicaid have specific rules that we must follow. Day trips are permitted and encouraged!

Q. What type of licensed staff do you have on duty?

A. We are licensed by the federal government and the State of Michigan and meet all criteria for long term care. This requires a licensed nurse to be present at all times. Each skilled rehabilitation center has a Medical Director as well as access to a staff of physicians. In addition, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, audiologists, and dentists provide care as needed.

Q. Will Medicare pay for my loved one’s rehabilitation stay?

A. Medicare may pay if your loved one has applied for Medicare, has a card and meets criteria. You must have at least a three night hospital stay and qualify for skilled care. Medicare covers up to 100 days of skilled care. The first 20 days are paid 100%; days 21 through 100, requires a co-pay. Secondary insurance may cover a portion of or all of the co-pay.

MediLodge of Hillman has a 100% Patient and Family Satisfaction for the past five years! Schedule a tour today and see why this is the best place for your loved one to Recover, Rejuvenate, Revitalize, and RETURN HOME!!!

Chaley Crawford

MediLodge of Hillman Marketing Director


For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.

MediLodge of Hillman

MediLodge of Hillman

Rehab Graduates Appreciate Service at MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose

Mabel W. came to MediLodge of Montrose to Recover, Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Return Home after a hospitalization at Genesys Health Park. She said that her family doctor recommended us because she was going to need more intense exercise and rehab than what she had been doing at home. Mabel had been to rehab centers that were closer to her home in Flint prior to coming to heal with us, but she decided to try something new. This was because she had heard so many good things about MediLodge and her doctor strongly recommended that she come here. He said that MediLodge was the closest thing to a 4 star hotel in the area! Here is what Mabel shared with us: “Just coming in to MediLodge, it doesn’t feel like you are coming into a hospital or a care unit or a ‘nursing home’. Everyone is upbeat and they go out of their way to make everyone comfortable and everything convenient for the lodger. They anticipate what you will need. When you get a bunch of people together, you can’t please everybody….but you seem to do it here. I don’t know how you do it! I think even my family feels differently about me being out here. After seeing MediLodge and how wonderful it is, they didn’t have anything to worry about. I absolutely feel stronger going out than when I came in. The therapy team pushes you to work hard. You see improvement and results after just a few days. We need more places like this!”

Here’s what some of our other former lodgers had to say about MediLodge of Montrose.

Thomas H. said that we were highly recommended by his doctor. He said that the food was out of this world. The doctors, nurses and therapy were outstanding. He would definitely recommend us.

MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose

Sonja Z. and George Z. had a neighbor recommend us. They said that the food was amazing and they really enjoyed the music and the Independence Day activities. They also said that the therapy was excellent and they loved all the therapists.

Sonja and George were “absolutely pleasantly surprised” and enjoyed their time at MediLodge of Montrose.

Shondell G. said that her son, who works at Genesys, recommended us. She said that she got great care. You could tell that the staff really cared. She was not anxious to leave therapy. She felt that the exercise made a big difference. She also said that she met a lot of interesting people and that the staff is all very friendly. Shondell also said that she loved the outdoor courtyards and her stay has been wonderful. She would highly recommend MediLodge to others.


For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.

MediLodge of Montrose

MediLodge of Montrose

When Short-Term Rehab Turns Into A Long-Term Stay

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

At MediLodge of Sterling Heights we combine the skills of our highly qualified physical, occupational and speech therapists with the amenities of our unique Wellness Lodge, creating an ideal place for recovery. Our knowledge and experience make it possible for us to provide maximum Lodger potential in regards to rehabilitation while providing a comfortable and compassionate environment for healing. Like most family caregivers, you hope that your family member can go home after being a lodger in the short term rehab unit at MediLodge of Sterling Heights. But this does not always happen. Sometimes a short term stay turns into a long term stay.

Why Going Home May Not Be Possible

During rehab, therapists set initial treatment goals for each resident. These are based on a person’s condition and what he or she needs to learn or relearn to do. For instance, if your mother was in the hospital because of a hip fracture, then an initial rehab goal might be to teach her to walk safely. Or if your father had a stroke, an initial rehab goal might be to help him relearn how to dress and feed himself. Sometimes residents make slow or little progress toward initial goals. There are many reasons why this can happen. For example, residents may be too weak or not able to do all needed exercises and therapy. Or they may be too sick. And sometimes, no matter how hard the resident tries, they do not respond to treatment right away. How much progress your family member makes toward meeting his or her initial goals may also affect insurance payment for rehab services. Most insurances pay for rehab based on how well residents meet initial goals. Insurance coverage for intensive therapies might stop if the residents do not make enough progress. If this happens, and your family member is not able to manage at home, your family member may have to move to a long stay unit. The services there will not include as many or as intensive rehab sessions.

Other Reasons Why Going Home May Not Be Possible

• Dementia: Sometimes rehab staff notice signs of dementia that you may not have seen at home. Rehab staff may then tell you that your family member cannot safely go home.

• Environmental barriers: This means that your family member’s house or apartment is not set up for people who have problems getting around or managing on their own. For instance, your father’s apartment building may not have an elevator and he now uses a wheelchair. Or your mother’s house may have more steps than she can climb because of her heart condition. Sometimes bathrooms and kitchens are not arranged in ways that resident can manage safely on their own. Sometimes these problems can be fixed so that the resident can come home later.

• Home Care Services: Your family member’s insurance may not pay for all needed home care services. For instance, Medicare does not pay for long term home care.

• Depression or Isolation: If your family member is feeling very sad or has no one nearby to help, going home can make these feelings worse.

• Your limits: You may not give able to give your family member as much time as he or she needs. Or you may have your own physical problems, responsibilities, or other limits on what you can do.

Source: Next Step In Care

For more information on locations and services, visit the MediLodge website.  Find us on Facebook for up-to-date pictures or watch our YouTube channel for videos of events and activities.

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

MediLodge of Sterling Heights

Staff’s Care And Compassion Prompt Therapy Lodger’s Letter

MediLodge of Howell

MediLodge of Howell

My wife and I are so glad that we chose MediLodge of Howell for my rehabilitation stay.  When you stopped by my room at St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital and introduced yourself and informed us about MediLodge it meant a lot to us and when my son and his wife dropped by for a visit, they told us that it was the place to go and they were so right.

I can honestly say that I didn’t meet any member of your fine staff that wasn’t helpful, friendly and happy to help you in any way they could.

There are times in life when the simple words “Thank You” do not express the gratitude one is feeling inside and this is certainly true when it come to saying Thank You to MediLodge.  You have a top notch organization staying on top of our stay from start to finish.  I hesitated mentioning specific names because you always fear that you will omit someone, however, I feel it necessary to express our appreciation to some very fine members of your staff.  Should I not be able to remember all of the names, please know that their acts of kindness and compassion did not go unnoticed or were not very much appreciated.

The nursing staff was excellent – they were caring, personable and always willing to offer their assistance to ensure that you were doing okay and checking to see if you needed anything.  I found Jeannine to be a very delightful and efficient person.  Amy was super and helped make my stay a wonderful experience.  One of the housekeepers – Mary –  always checked in on me and greeted me each morning with a “Good Morning” and a smile.  She was a very pleasant person.  Another Nurse (Matt) was very efficient and right on the ball.

One of the receptionists, Karen, was one of the nicest people I’ve met.  She was caring, helpful and always had a beautiful smile and a great sense of humor.  Two other receptionists that were on duty on Monday, May 20th came to my aid when I was trying to carry my coffee to the lobby area via my wheelchair and just when I thought I was home free, the coffee flipped upside down on the floor.  The receptionist called housekeeping immediately and the other receptionist went to the Java Lounge and got me another cup of coffee.  I was grateful to them both.

During the evening –  I enjoyed a trio of staff members that had upbeat attitudes and were very attentive and helpful.  Lisa, Andrea and Michael were excellent.  I can’t thank them enough for their assistance and compassion.

During the night, Bernice was especially caring.  Some nights I forgot to request a blanket or sheet only to wake up and discover that Bernice had covered me up.  She always greeted me with a smile and if she noticed I was awake in the middle of the night would come in and ask if I needed anything and was doing okay.  She also (as busy as she was) would somehow bring me back a cup of coffee which certainly started my day off well.

All of the nursing staff, the aides, housekeepers, receptionists all did an excellent job and I am very grateful to them all.

MediLodge of Howell

MediLodge of Howell staff encourage Lodgers during the MediLodge Senior Olympics

I was also very happy with  the Physical and Occupational Therapists that helped me every day to gain strength and balance.  What a wonderful group of individuals and professionals.  Going to therapy was an eye opener for me – to witness first hand so many people needing assistance in recovering from a variety of ailments.  I watched as the therapists helped them and I could see the hope in the faces of their patients when they were able to complete a task they were given.  What a gift and special care provided by your staff – it encouraged my heart to see the help and care these special caring people gave to those in need.  God Bless each one of them.

One thing I also appreciated was how the therapist’s lighthearted approach – keeping things positive.

I was blessed to have several therapists that helped me.  First there was Big Tim (who explained all my exercises so I knew why I needed them and how they would help my rehabilitation).  Secondly, my primary Physical Therapist also named Tim.  He worked with me each day and helped me in so many ways to strengthen my good leg and keep both legs flexible.  He helped me learn how to get in and out of my car, and also how to pull myself up from the floor.  I will always be thankful for his able assistance and knowledge.  Finally, my occupational therapist (Sheryl) who helped me work on my upper body strength and balance.  this was an area that I certainly needed therapy and she was patient and knew what I needed.  She even had me do some dishes which I’m glad to report worked our very well and now my wife knows I can do dishes!

Normally, I would apologize for such a lengthy letter, but I just felt I had to express how grateful and appreciative both my wife and I are for your great team and that we are so glad that we chose MediLodge of Howell.  I promised some of the staff members that once I had my Prosthesis I would stop by to visit and be able to walk in.  I am looking forward to that!

Thanks again for all your help, care and compassion

Gary and Flo Denny

May 12, 2013


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MediLodge of Montrose Gets Glowing Reviews From Former Lodgers

What Did Our Lodgers Think?

Maryann S. said “This place is a God-send.  My doctor was right, he said that I would get the best therapy and that I would get good care.  The staff  are excellent! Alicia and Crystal are a perfect team!  Shannon is a great nurse also, she makes sure things are done right!  Laurie is good and Tina is irreplaceable.  She’s very informative.  You have the most wonderful therapists as for their personality, compassion, patience and their knowledge.  The food is excellent, nothing at all like hospital food.  Two of my friends have taken to calling this the 4-star lodge.  I did several activities, euchre, BINGO, bowling, some music programs and religious services.  Dr. Srivastava, my surgeon, recommended MediLodge of Montrose.”Montrose Therapy Success 2012

Yvette L. said “MediLodge of Milford is the whole package of the care and the attention.  Everyone from the aides to activities to therapy, they all seem to sincerely care.  Everyone is very good and attentive.  It didn’t matter what I needed or what I wanted, they made it happen.  I’ve come a long way with therapy in a short amount of time.  I liked how therapy had all different things to do.  The activities were excellent!  I played every single day!  I will recommend this place to everybody!”

Carmen L. said “When I came here I could hardly do anything.  I can’t believe how far I’ve come.  This place has been a God-send for me.  The nurses were good, they would come find me to get me my medicine.  The aides were very helpful in the beginning when I needed it.  The therapists are great!  My speech therapist is marvelous, she’s been so helpful and encouraging.  I wish I could take her home with me.  The food was good, they fed me well.  There were a lot of choices.  When I pass by people in the hall, they all say hello.  They are so friendly. I would come back…I would beg if I had to!”

Margaret T. said “My friends came to visit and they are amazed because of the atmosphere and the way the people are treated.  It is a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere.  The nurses are very conscientious.  There are exceptional aides here.  They’re very caring.  There was good food with lots of options for each meal.  There was good service in the dining room also.  The physicians were excellent!  They always tried to help me, they let me talk and if I had questions they followed up thoroughly, they were very friendly.  Dr. Arcidi and one of my friends recommended MediLodge.  I will be coming back after I have my hip surgery!”IMG_5418

Helen D. said “Everyone is friendly and the food is good.  In the dining room there was too much food and it was too good!  The service was good also.  I went to BINGO, karaoke, music and they were all nice.  I enjoyed the manicures! Dr. Martin recommended MediLodge and I had been here before for rehab.”

Connie W. said “They are very nice here.  If you have questions, they answer them.  The overall care was really good, they did everything for me.  I’m glad I had the therapy, I really liked it.  They had tremendously good food, good service and really nice people.  I went to BINGO, Yahtzee and some other things.  They were fun!”

Shirley L. said “You guys are amazing!  You were very helpful, it is a wonderful atmosphere.  Everyone was so helpful and always there when you need them.  The nurses are wonderful!  I was very pleased with my therapy progress.  Excellent food, wonderful dining service.”

George L. said “MediLodge is a friendly place; it’s clean and close to home.  You’re never in want of anything!  If you need it, they will get it.  The nurses are good, the staff are all very nice people.  I couldn’t go home after surgery.  This was the best thing for me.  The doctor helped me with any concerns that I had, which was important.”Montrose Success Jan 2013

Margaret R. said “I got good care, I liked it very much.  I have no complaints at all.  The nurses are great.  There is a good variety in the dining room and I had good service too.  I bowled with activities and won 3 games!  I liked the music too.”

Joann K. said “I loved it here!  Everybody was wonderful!  It’s a nice place to be.  The nurses were good, good aides too.  I was treated very well.  The therapy was helpful.  The food was good too.”

Oswald M. said “There is not a better place around.”

Margery M. said “Overall a 99.9% rating.  I’ve been taken care of well.  I’ve made some good friends here, staff too.  The staff is kind and compassionate.  I give the therapy department an A+, they worked me hard to get me where I am now.  The dining was pretty good.  The food was nutritious and the menu had good variety.  Dr. Martin referred me to MediLodge of Montrose and I would recommend you to others.  I wish that I had known about you before.”


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